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Blog Satellites and basking sharks

27 Aug 2019

Calum Duncan, MCS Head of Conservation Scotland, recalls an encounter with a basking shark and reflects on the ground-breaking tagging studies which underline the case for the Sea of the Hebrides MPA.

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Aquaculture feed

Blog How sustainable aquaculture can shorten the marine food chain

14 Aug 2019

The aquaculture industry uses more than 75% of the world fish oil supply to produce fish feed. If humans are to keep their omega-3 index at scientifically recommended levels, renewable supplies of omega-3 for aquafeed are needed. Is marine microalgae the answer?

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Blog July is over, but the Plastic Challenge is not

Ben Garrod 31 Jul 2019

Well, July has been a long month and memorable for many reasons. I’ve been rushed off my feet with work, writing books, promoting new ones and teaching students at the University of East Anglia all about invasive species. It’s also been a month where I have tried to go plastic-free. Well, single-use plastic-free, if I’m being strictly accurate.

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Susie Rodgers Underwater exhibition

Blog Fernando Montaño and friends present Dance for the Sea

25 Jul 2019

Fernando Montaño, British-Columbian Soloist for the Royal Ballet, saw first-hand the impact of plastic on our oceans having grown up in the Columbian coastal town of Buenaventura. He decided to create his Dance for the Sea project, highlighting the ocean plastic problem and raising funds for our work to fight it.

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Bag of Ethics Plastic Challenge

Blog Plastic Free July at Bags of Ethics

23 Jul 2019

Bags of Ethics take on our Plastic Challenge this July, making a real difference in their offices in London and across the world.

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Letting a property fundraiser

Blog 13 Hours. 3 Peaks. 12 Desk Jockeys. 1 Cause.

Jonathan Daines 23 Jul 2019

Jonathan Daines from Letting a Property, shares his story on how their team scaled three Welsh peaks to raise over £2000 for MCS.

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Ben Garrod

Blog Tackling the first half of the Plastic Challenge

Ben Garrod 15 Jul 2019

As I walk around the endless sterile aisles bathed in that ever so distinctive ‘supermarket lighting’, it really hits me just how pervasive single-use plastic is.

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Coastal Scotland

Blog Mixed report card for Scotland on UN ocean goals

Calum Duncan 1 Jul 2019

Calum Duncan assesses Scotland’s progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the marine environment.

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Dance for the Sea - Fernando Montano

Blog Performing with Plastic

8 Jun 2019

Royal Ballet dancer Fernando Montaño explains how his passion for the sea has inspired him to raise awareness for plastic pollution, in preparation for an impactful performance on 18th July, at the Royal Academy of Music.

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Beachy Head MCZ

Blog Marine protection must go further

Peter Richardson 5 Jun 2019

Forty-one new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) are to be established in seas around the English and Northern Irish coast. Good news for marine wildlife – but more work and political will is needed.

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Deep Release - Amdeep

Blog Turtles of the Caribbean

28 May 2019

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is a UK Overseas Territory (UKOT) lying in the northern Caribbean, where hunting sea turtles has been a tradition for centuries. Concerned about the declining turtle nesting populations, the TCI Government invited MCS to start the TCI Turtle Project in 2008.

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Susie Rodgers Profile

Blog Mental Health and the Sea

18 May 2019

To mark Mental Health Awareness week, MCS Ocean Ambassador and Paralympic Gold Medalist Susie Rodgers MBE, talks to us about what the sea means to her and how her connection to the ocean has helped her through some of the toughest times in her life.

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Caribbean Reef Sharks

Blog Blue Planet Live – sharks, snot and sea turtles

Clare Fischer 25 Mar 2019

The BBC’s Blue Planet Live (BBC1 Sunday 24th March 8pm) is an ambitious week of programming looking at all aspects of our oceans and the work being done by scientists worldwide, to secure the future of some of our most iconic marine creatures. We look back at some of the breath-taking highlights of the first programme.

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Coral in Scotland

Blog We need a Scottish Environment Act to help deliver thriving seas

Calum Duncan 22 Mar 2019

Did you know that one in 11 species in Scotland is at risk of extinction? Environment and conservation are devolved issues and right now the Scottish Government is seeking views on the future of environmental protections in Scotland.

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Blog New fisheries minister - more than just goodwill will be needed in a sea of challenges

15 Mar 2019

MCS Fisheries Policy Officer, Debbie Crockard, reflects on the choppy waters surrounding the new Fisheries Minister, Robert Goodwill, as the House of Lords attacks unsustainable fishing levels in the EU.

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Blog MCS making waves at International Marine Conference

Catherine Gemmell 22 Feb 2019

What a week! From Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon posting our inflatable Leatherback Turtle on Instagram, to HRH Prince Charles encouraging everyone to take part in the Great British Beach Clean in a key note address, it was fantastic to see the recognition of MCS and our incredible volunteers at Scotland’s first International Marine Conference.

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Fishing boats dock

Blog Wales and the UK Fisheries Bill - what's needed for sustainable fishing

20 Feb 2019

Fisheries management is never straight forward – particularly for the many mixed fisheries in Wales. But post–Brexit, we should be able to build on what we already have as part of the EU says MCS leads on fisheries and Wales, Sam Stone and Gill Bell.

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Salmon & Trout Conservation Graphic

Blog Plastic pathways – the dramatic journey from source to sea

11 Feb 2019

Present at every stage of their journey, wild fish are facing yet another threat: microplastics and plastic pollution. Read a fascinating blog from Salmon and Trout Conservation.

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Farmed prawns

Blog Global Aquaculture Alliance perspectives on responsible aquaculture

18 Jan 2019

Guest blog from the Global Aquaculture Alliance tells how standards in aquaculture are improving.

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Blog Brexit commotion mustn’t spell bad news for the environment

Sandy Luk 17 Jan 2019

There’s one critical aspect of political uncertainty that we must keep on saying: Environmental protection must not just be maintained, but improved, whatever scenario results.

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Team Status Row

Blog Celebrating the New Year in the middle of The Atlantic

7 Jan 2019

Team Status Row are three intrepid women with no rowing experience who are currently on track to become just the second all-female trio to row across the Atlantic. They’re taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – the world’s toughest row, raising funds for MCS and awareness of plastic pollution. Read their latest updates from the middle of nowhere.

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Laura Foster Main Image

Blog Plastic action promised* *subject to consultation

Laura Foster 18 Dec 2018

Dr Laura Foster, MCS Head of Clean Seas, gives her thoughts on the Waste and Resources Strategy for England, which was announced today.

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DRS Bottle Art

Blog Household rubbish recycling virtually stagnant

Sue Kinsey 12 Dec 2018

New figures show levels of household rubbish being recycled in England have virtually stalled, making the UK unlikely to meet targets on recycling by 2020. It’s time to rethink how we view rubbish by giving it a value says MCS pollution expert.

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Team Status Row

Blog Status Row - trio leave Canaries bound for Antigua

11 Dec 2018

Three women are set to become only the second all-female trio crew to row across the Atlantic. They’re taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – the world’s toughest row. The trio will be raising funds for MCS and awareness of plastic pollution. The crew have just left La Gomera to cheers from supporters.

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plastic pumpkin full of plastic wrappers

Blog Halloween – the scary part is how much waste we produce

18 Oct 2018

It’s almost that time to either don your vampire cape, or turn off all your lights and pretend you aren’t home! The 31st of October marks the annual Halloween celebration, loved by some and feared by many. But the scariest part is how much waste we produce

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Blog WWF and MCS join forces for Brighton beach clean

Erin O'Neill 10 Oct 2018

Recently, the Marine Conservation Society came together with environmental charity WWF UK for a massive beach clean in sunny Brighton. I was one of over 200 people who helped to clean up Brighton beach as part of WWF’s all-staff away day.

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Theresa May

Blog Is the marine environment a political priority?

Emma Crane 5 Oct 2018

The party conference season is over for another year and MPs return to Parliament next week. Over the last month each of the major political parties headed to cities around the UK where they were joined by an eclectic mix of party members, corporate lobbyists, CEOs, policy & public affairs leads from charities, NGOs and other groups with an interest in influencing policy.

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Paper Straws

Blog Do we really need to keep sucking?

Emma Cunningham 4 Oct 2018

As paper straws begin to be manufactured in the UK for the first time in decades, MCS pollution experts say replacing one single-use item with another is not the answer. Unless you have very young children or there’s a medical need – it’s best to sip not suck.

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Blog Flushed without success

21 Sep 2018

A national survey has discovered that the flushing habits of the UK public are nothing short of astounding – and not in a good way. At least one in four people in the UK pour cooking oil down the drain, whilst, according to UKDN Waterflow, three percent questioned said they’d given their hamster a burial at sea by sending them round the u-bend.

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Blog The latte levy: fighting single-use plastic cups

11 Sep 2018

You may have heard the term latte levy and wondered what it means- we explain what it’s all about and why it’s such a hot topic.

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Blog What will you find on the beach?

24 Aug 2018

“What do you think this is?”, is the question I get asked a lot at beach cleans, as the amazing beachwatch volunteers take on the role of detectives, trying to identify the origins of the fragments of litter that they have found in the sand and rocks.

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Beach litter

Blog #Binit4beaches this August Bank Holiday – and beyond

Clare Fischer 22 Aug 2018

As one of the busiest days in the beach visit calendar approaches, how can we all make sure that this August Bank Holiday is a litter-free one for the UK’s coastline? Planning a single-use plastic free visit to the beach is a start.

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Festival plastic

Blog Going to a festival? Go plastic-free

Clare Fischer 10 Aug 2018

There are hundreds of festivals during the summer across the UK. From the big guns like Creamfields and Reading and Leeds to more niche events like Lakefest and Green Man. This year many are trying to reduce their plastic footprint by banning straws or providing re-usable cups. You can do your bit too by planning ahead. We’ve got some tips.

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Fish Market

Blog Tales from the fishy counter

Clare Fischer 3 Aug 2018

Do you know what you’re buying at the fishmonger? Do you ask the right questions and, more importantly, do you get the right answers? A trip to buy a cod loin or snap up some salmon is a minefield – on both sides of the counter

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DRS return label

Blog The Plastic Challenge – why is it not getting easier?

2 Aug 2018

Two days ago, the MCS Head of Conservation in Wales finished her fifth Plastic Challenge. Gill Bell hasn’t bought anything wrapped in plastic for a whole month. After five years of being a ‘Challenger’ she was hoping her choices would have been wider and being plastic free much easier. They weren’t and it wasn’t.

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DRS in use

Blog Industry is trying to stop Deposit Refund Schemes

Sue Kinsey 1 Aug 2018

There’s a concerted attempt from some elements of the plastics and packaging industries to derail a Deposit Return Scheme in the UK before the first bottle has been returned or the first deposit handed back. But do the arguments hold water or are they just desperate attempts to ensure the industry continues to sit pretty in a sea of single-use plastic?

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Blog Balmy weather, barmy headlines

Richard Harrington 31 Jul 2018

The silly season for stories in the media shouldn’t mean reports can be misleading, as news items on jellyfish bloom.

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Barafundle bay

Blog Pembrokeshire – a Welsh coastal gem

Clare Fischer 27 Jul 2018

It’s the ‘Year of the Sea’ in Wales. The principality has over 870 miles of accessible coastline, dramatic cliffs dropping sharply into boiling seas and pretty harbours where the water gently laps. A true jewel in this Welsh crown is the county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. There’s much to see, but you can do it in a day - if you’re quick.

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Hake dish

Blog Abel & Cole's catch of the month

27 Jul 2018

Abel & Cole’s fish and seafood buyer Abigail Allen shares her experience using our guidance in sourcing more seasonal and sustainable seafood, putting a spotlight on hake as their catch of the month.

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Football on beach

Blog Give our seas a hug in the #summeroflove

Clare Fischer 4 Jul 2018

It’s the summer of love - Love Island, the World Cup and the Marine Conservation Zone consultation. They’re not so very different - tight timescales and life changing. If you love the Island and want football to come home - make sure you’ve just enough love left to give our seas a hug.

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Blog Beach clean with Scottish bloggers

27 Jun 2018

When Scottish content creators clean a beach, you can be sure you’ll hear about it. Bloggers, vloggers and social media masters do a beach clean to raise awareness about Scotland’s marine environment and plastic pollution.

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Prawn heart

Blog Are prawns a good environmental choice?

Irene Lorenzo 12 Jun 2018

We Brits love our prawns – in fact, we love them so much they make into our top five seafood choices alongside salmon, cod, haddock and tuna. However, we can’t ignore the alarming environmental messages we hear about them.

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Blog How to make plastic-free life last

Bev O'Kane 8 Jun 2018

A few summers ago, on my first Plastic Challenge trip to the supermarket, the great wall of plastic, quilting the supermarket shelves, knocked me back. Plastic – thick or thin - disguised and impounded my usual products, severely limiting my choice for the Plastic Challenge month ahead.

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coasting it

Blog Coasting it, one man's walk along 1600 miles of British coast

11 May 2018

Joshua Pedley, a 23-year old Waitrose partner is walking 1600 miles along the west coast of England and Wales from March to September 2018 to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society.

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Blog A chef’s experience using the Good Fish Guide to make sustainable seafood choices

Erin O'Neill 4 May 2018

Chef Caroline Rye, The Urban Fishwife, tells us her experiences using MCS’ Good Fish Guide to make informed choices when buying fish.

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Blog Deposit returns - it's a new dawn for recycling in England

Sue Kinsey 28 Mar 2018

After years of campaigning, there is to be a deposit refund system (DRS) for England. This is fantastic news, but of course is only the first step in actually getting a system in place!

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Fishing boats small

Blog The challenges of fisheries management

Debbie Crockard 21 Mar 2018

We are currently going through the most significant legislative reform of the past 40 years; exactly how this will impact fisheries is unclear. There may be much to gain but also… so much to lose

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Blog Our Scotland Conservation Officer scoops award on International Women's Day

14 Mar 2018

MCS’ Catherine Gemmell has been recognised at the inaugural No.1 Magazine Amazing Woman Awards in Glasgow. The awards were a celebration of the fantastic strength and depth in talent, which women across Scotland possess from business to sport. Catherine received an Award of Special Thanks for her work on inspiring people across Scotland to care for their marine environment. Read her blog.

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HRH Coral Collaboration 2018

Blog Collaborating to save the corals

Jean-Luc Solandt 14 Feb 2018

MCS has been attending a meeting to discuss the future resilience of coral reefs in this, the third ‘International Year of the Reef’. MCS President, HRH Prince Charles, addressed the invited audience, saying the stakes are high and time short when it comes to coral reefs. Prince Harry, who has an interest in the issue, was also in attendance. MCS’ Dr Jean-Luc Solandt was there – read his blog.

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Live beachclean

Blog Stand by studio – we're beach cleaning on live radio

Lizzie Prior 6 Feb 2018

We’ve been beach cleaning live on the radio. Lizzie Prior, the MCS Beach and River Clean Project Officer, headed to the north west where she had a litter picker in one hand and mic in the other as she joined the Rossall Beach Buddies cleaning up Cleveleys.

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Pulse trawl

Blog A debate for science or emotion - or is it just too soon to legalise the widespread use of electricity to catch fish?

Samuel Stone 26 Jan 2018

The use of electricity in the marine environment is currently banned under EU technical regulations, but a series of derogations for scientific and data collection purposes have made it possible for (primarily) the Dutch to roll out the electric pulse fishing method on a large scale over the last decade.

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Blog What the 25 year plan says about our seas

Richard Harrington 15 Jan 2018

Much of the coverage of the Government’s 25 year plan to improve the natural environment has concentrated on how plastic pollution will be reduced. But the report also contained plans for fisheries, education and marine protection. Are those plans more ambitious or are they as vague as the plastic promises? MCS staff have been taking a look.

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Blog Village bans plastic straws after school campaign

Catherine Gemmell 21 Dec 2017

It was fantastic to hear from our Cool Seas Explorers at Sunnyside Primary that their amazing #NaeStrawAtAw campaign has succeeded in making Ullapool potentially the first plastic straw free village in the UK!

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Blog MCS co hosts #CleanBeachesScotland Parliamentary Event in Holyrood

Catherine Gemmell, Calum Duncan 15 Dec 2017

MCS co-hosted nine MSPs and 50 guests at an event where over twenty organisations celebrated what Scotland has achieved so far in tackling marine litter and took a looking forward to the next steps we can all take, from individuals and communities to industry and government to #STOPthePlasticTide.

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Blog MCS at the European Coral Reef Symposium - but will younger delegates have seen what I've seen? asks Dr Jean-Luc Solandt (aged 48)

Jean-Luc Solandt 15 Dec 2017

We’ve loved our coral reefs ‘to death’ says MCS reef expert Dr Jean-Luc Solandt, as he reflects on his coral journey from naïve manchild to withered old cynic.

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Blog Our Sunday nights may never be the same – so now it's time to spread the Blue Planet II message 24/7

Clare Fischer 11 Dec 2017

When the closing credits of Blue Planet II rolled, if it hadn’t been so cold I’d have opened my window listened to the collective wailing and gnashing of teeth from all corners of the country, nay the globe - streaming the programme slowed down the Chinese interweb! - as one of the most memorable pieces of television came to an end.

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Whale_Shark Feeding

Blog Anglesey beachcleaning and our new GBBC coordinator

Lizzie Prior, Jack Versiani Holt 1 Nov 2017

This year the Great British Beach Clean (GBBC) is coordinated by our Beach and River Clean Project Officer, Lizzie Prior. Lizzie shares her beach-cleaning experience, provides her insight into the timing of GBBC and the importance of the litter data collected at Anglesey.

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Sperm whale and calf

Blog Blue Planet 2 has surfaced!

Richard Harrington 29 Oct 2017

So, we’ve all taken a collective deep breath, and episode one of the BBC Blue Planet 2 series has come to the surface. After 6,000 hours of filming underwater, and 1,500 days on location in waters of at least 37 different countries, expectations have been running high. All BBC channels have been building up to the series launch. Radiohead contributed to the soundtrack. How much bigger could a nature series be? Does the series deliver what it has promised?

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Blog Reef Check Maldives – why the concern from 'outsiders'?

Jean-Luc Solandt 6 Oct 2017

Dr Jean-Luc Solandt, expedition scientist for Biosphere Expeditions Maldives, Reef Check Co-ordionator for the Maldives and MCS Marine Protected Areas Specialist explains why Reef Check Maldives is so important for the country.

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Blog Getting seaweed savvy with the Big Seaweed Search

Jules Agate 8 Sep 2017

Our South West Volunteer Manager Jules Agate has been seeing seaweeds in a new light with the Big Seaweed Search (BSS). Read on to find out all about her macro algae adventures!

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Blog Choosing sustainable seafood

Rajina Gurung 6 Sep 2017

with Mike King

Do you love eating seafood but aren’t sure if what you’re eating is sustainable…

We asked chef Mike King, one of Compass Group UK & Ireland’s expert culinary team, for his top tips on how to choose the best seafood.

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Blog We have got the bottle!

Richard Harrington 5 Sep 2017

Deposit return system on the way for Scotland

Buoyed by today’s announcement in Scottish Parliament, MCS Scotland Conservation Officer Catherine Gemmell describes what it has been like on the campaign trail for a deposit return system, and her thoughts on what needs to happen now for it to be a success.

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Blog The Beluga II Expediton comes to a close

27 Jun 2017

By: Fiona Nicholls, Greenpeace campaigner

Throughout May and June, Greenpeace’s ship the Beluga II set out on a two-month scientific voyage around Scotland’s coastlines, investigating the impact of ocean plastic pollution on some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes and iconic wildlife.

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Source fish responsibly

Blog Choose Sustainable Seasonal Seafood on World Ocean's Day

Rajina Gurung 8 Jun 2017

Today it’s World Oceans Day and around the world people are celebrating the ocean. We love the sea for so many reasons, many people rely on it for jobs, for fun, to store carbon, for food and much more. But sometimes we forget that the wild caught fish we eat are actually creatures from wild populations that need careful management if we are all to keep enjoying them. 90% of global fish stocks are either fully or overfished!

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Blog MCS taking to the waves with Greenpeace

17 May 2017

Tonight will mark the official launch of the two-month Greenpeace expedition around Scotland’s shores highlighting the issue of marine litter and some of the impacts it’s having on Scotland’s incredible biodiversity.

Blog Our ratings on haddock in the North Sea, West of Scotland and Skagerrak explained

Sandy Luk 23 Mar 2017

Fisheries management has actually been improving a lot over the last decade, and the UK industry has helped a huge amount by developing new ways to fish more selectively and record more data. The Scottish industry has played a leading role in such work.

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Blog What does the sea mean to you?

Charlotte Coombes 23 Mar 2017

“It defines who I am, who I have been and who I will be.” What does the sea mean to you? What do you value about it? If it disappeared tomorrow, what would you miss?

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Blog Where do turtles have star-bellies and nest in the day? The Seychelles!

Rachel Wyatt 20 Feb 2017

Having spent the last seven years working for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) in the UK, I couldn’t pass up the chance to meet up with MCS Seychelles (MCSS) while visiting these beautiful islands.

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Blog Sky News joins MCS to kick-start campaign

Catherine Gemmell 25 Jan 2017

Tonight, (8pm, 25th January 2017) Sky News will be showing a documentary called ‘A Plastic Tide’ highlighting the issue of plastic pollution and highlighting what we can all do to stop this incoming plastic tide - and even turn it around. This is just the start of their new and exciting campaign “Ocean Rescue”. Our Senior Pollution Policy Officer Sue Kinsey attended these first few meetings and they were very keen on our amazing Beachwatch citizen science project.

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Blog The travelling marine biologist - back in action in 2017!

Lauren Eyles 18 Jan 2017

Continuing my quest to help protect Australian marine life, I have been moving around New South Wales and Queensland attending and running events and sharing expertise with fellow colleagues. I kicked off the new year with a beach clean organised by Sea Shepard at Sirius Cove in Sydney. In just a couple of hours, 4000 items of litter were collected weighing 91 kg. Many of their practices and information given to volunteers was the same as the UK, as you would expect.

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Blog The travelling marine biologist down under

Lauren Eyles 27 Dec 2016

For the past couple of weeks, I have been lucky enough to spend time working with the Australian Marine Conservation Society. During my time here, based on the beautiful Northern beaches in Sydney, I have been working with one of the charity’s marine campaigners to build support for a marine park in Sydney - the Hawkesbury Shelf Bioregion.

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Blog The Manchester giant grouper

Richard Harrington, Richard Harrington 21 Dec 2016

The Manchester giant grouper: putting Manchester on the map for the wrong reasons. Last week we were greeted with the regrettable news that a grouper, “the third largest fish of its kind on record”, an animal that lived out its life around the tropical coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, was flown to a fish market in Manchester, UK. What can be learned - or gained - from its fate?

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Blog How fisheries are run in the Pacific Northeast - part 2

Samuel Stone 22 Nov 2016

Alaskan Seafood: a visit to learn how fisheries are run in the Pacific northeast.

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Blog How fisheries are run in the Pacific Northeast - part 1

Samuel Stone 9 Nov 2016

Alaskan Seafood: a visit to learn how fisheries are run in the Pacific northeast. In July this year, I took an amazing opportunity to learn more about the Alaskan seafood industry and travelled with a team of UK and European commercial seafood representatives to visit some key fishing ports in the region.

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Blog Future aquaculture challenges and innovation

Dawn Purchase 22 Sep 2016

The GOAL aquaculture conference here in China has just finished for this year. It has once again been an opportunity to learn and share ideas and information with a wide range of people from every sector and corner of the globe.

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Blog GOAL Aquaculture conference starts

Dawn Purchase 20 Sep 2016

The annual Global Aquaculture Alliance GOAL conference opened today with a fantastic opening traditional drumming ceremony.

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Blog Experiences from China

Dawn Purchase 18 Sep 2016

I am very fortunate to find myself in Guangzhou, South East China, attending the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) GOAL conference. As part of GAA Standards Oversight Committee we are invited to attend these annual conferences as part of our role.

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Blog We need to protect, cherish and love our seas

6 Sep 2016

NGOs are oft-criticised for crying wolf. Yet time-scales of people’s lives are extremely short relative to the geological change that occurs on the planet. Adaptation and evolution are extremely slow, clumsy processes that take time to catch up with environmental conditions. So, if those conditions change abruptly (over decades, centuries), ecosystems generally ‘change state’. And the shift in the condition of the planet is only apparent to current generations, with each successive generation forgetting the ecosystem of their parents.

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