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1 Mar 2024

Spring Budget: Spending on the foundation of a sustainable blue economy

Ahead of the Spring Budget on 6th March 2024, we explore where and how the Chancellor of the Exchequer could use Government funding to encourage the growth of a sustainable blue economy, whilst boosting ocean recovery.

Clean Seas Collective

1 Mar 2024

Combatting ocean pollution through sustainable fashion

We’re focused on finding sustainable fashion solutions and demanding stronger action to protect the health of our oceans and its residents. Find out how.

Sunset Paul Garnett

28 Feb 2024

Positive ocean news: February edition

Dive into this month's round-up of good news stories for our seas.

Man and woman cleaning up litter near a river

22 Feb 2024

Plastic pollution: the importance of cleaning up rivers

Cleaning up our UK rivers from litter is just as important as cleaning our beautiful beaches and is more accessible for the majority of the population to get involved. In fact, 80% of litter found on our beaches makes its way there from land sources.

Pokeball dropped in water

22 Feb 2024

5 Pokémon based on marine animals

Did you know that a lot of Pokémon get their inspiration from real-life marine animals? Find out what sea life is referenced by the Pokémon

Budleigh Beach Great British Beach Clean GBBC 2017 Andrew Brown

5 Feb 2024

Second annual RACE Report marks Race Equality Week

To mark Race Equality Week, running from 5th – 11th February 2024, Students Organising for Sustainability have launched the second annual RACE Report.

Storm hitting coastline

2 Feb 2024

How do storms in the UK affect marine life?

In the midst of one of the most active storm seasons on record in the UK, we look at the impact stormy weather has on the health of our ocean and its wildlife

Octopus on seabed, Scotland - SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

1 Feb 2024

New governmental rules are a positive step to safeguard our seas

We celebrate the UK Government's latest announcement protecting 13 areas of English seas from destructive bottom-towed fishing and the closure of the North Sea sandeel fishery.

Snowy beach

30 Jan 2024

Positive ocean news: January edition

We're starting off the year with some ocean optimism, and have rounded-up some good news stories for our seas from this month.

Raindrops-in-water_shutterstock_44598319_Thomas Dutour

18 Jan 2024

Chemical pollution: The invisible threat to our seas

Our protected waters are not protected from chemical pollution - instead, these vulnerable and vital habitats and species are at risk. We must act now to truly safeguard these priority areas.

Angel shark

15 Jan 2024

5 endangered marine animals that need protecting in the UK

The UK shores host many different marine animals but, due to human interference , several species are under threat. Find out what we are doing to help.

Northern gannet soaring above ocean waves

4 Jan 2024

24 reasons why UK seas are important

The seas around the UK hold a lot of importance both nationally as well as globally. Find out 24 reasons why our seas are important which you may not know

Snowy coast

26 Dec 2023

Positive ocean news: December edition

To end the year on a positive note and spread some cheer, we've rounded up some good news stories for our seas from December.

Plastic bottle in water

22 Dec 2023

How to reduce ocean plastic pollution in 2024

Ocean plastic pollution is a major concern for the planet and its wildlife. Discover why reducing plastic is important and how you can help combat it in 2024

Cully and Sully, Hove - Billy Barraclough

18 Dec 2023

Our top Marine Conservation Stories of 2023

As 2023 nears its end, we are sharing our favourite highlights of the year, all about the Marine Conservation Society. Find out our top stories of 2023.

RS3129 - Pink sea fan - Mark Thomas

18 Dec 2023

Our Species Champion gets face to fan with the pink sea fans

We recently organised an event for Luke Pollard MP, our Species Champion for the pink sea fan, to learn more about this wonderful and important species.

Ocean - sea - unsplash

14 Dec 2023

COP28: Ocean wins and missed opportunities

What progress was made at this year's COP28 for our ocean? As negotiators, parties and lobbyists leave the Dubai desert after this year's Conference of the Parties we digest the key wins and missed opportunities for our blue planet.

Atlantic Puffin

5 Dec 2023

24 marine animals found in UK seas

The UK's sea is full of rich wildlife who call our coast their home. Discover our list of 24 marine animals that can be found in our oceans below.

Stop Ocean Threads hand in 10 Downing Street

4 Dec 2023

Stop Ocean Threads: What happens next?

We handed a petition containing over 44,000 of your signatures to 10 Downing Street, calling for the introduction of mandatory microfibre filters for washing machines by 2024 but we mustnt stop there. There is more we can do with your help.

Snakelocks Anemone, Chalk Reef, Freshwater Bay

30 Nov 2023

COP28: A chance to change the narrative

COP28 allows the chance to change the narrative of nature destruction into one of protection. Discover what we are urging participants to do for the climate.

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