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Houses of Parliament Luxstorm

8 Jul 2024

The new Government needs to act to protect our ocean

As the dust settles on the General Election ’24, Parliamentary Affairs Manager Fiona Thomas reflects on the Marine Conservation Society’s next steps for ocean advocacy.

Seabirds flying over beach

5 Jul 2024

Election result message from our CEO Sandy Luk

The public has given the new government a very strong steer on green – and blue – issues, showing that the health of nature, climate and ocean matter, for our physical and economic wellbeing.

Scotland sea

2 Jul 2024

Scotland to bring in new Circular Economy law!

Last, week the Scottish Parliament passed the Circular Economy Bill.

Plastic Challenge 2022 - Bathroom Challenge

2 Jul 2024

A Circular Ocean: Embracing a Circular Economy in the UK

You only need to watch waves crashing on the shore and retreating into the blue to begin to understand what we mean by a circular ocean.

Lake Windemere - Bee Balogun

2 Jul 2024

Lake Windermere: How sewage pollution is contaminating the UK’s beauty spots | Latest news

We’re standing by a quiet stream in the Lake District. Follow this small stream and it will lead you to Lake Windermere. But as well as stray leaves and insects, this stream carries sewage.

Compass Jellyfish

1 Jul 2024

Jellyfish: Your questions answered

Curious about jellyfish? Get the lowdown on these fascinating creatures as we answer your top questions.

Summer beach waves on sand

27 Jun 2024

Positive ocean news: June '24 edition

Dive into our latest round-up of positive news stories for our seas, including inspiring ocean-themed artwork, action on illegal and destructive fishing and a rally to raise awareness of the ocean’s value.

RNN rally banners - team in front of Westminster

25 Jun 2024

Raising the ocean's profile at the Restore Nature Now Rally

We attended the Restore Nature Now rally in London on Saturday, with our colourful tapestry and placards successfully raising both our profile and the ocean's.

Spiny Seahorse in Seagrass

18 Jun 2024

General Election Q&A with Stevie the Seahorse

Much of the ocean’s remarkable, and vital, marine life has been overlooked in the lead-up to the general election, but we’re determined to change this. We speak to Stevie the seahorse on their views on the upcoming election and the impact it will have.

Cornwall seascape, Sam Mansfield

14 Jun 2024

General Election 2024 conversation pack

The next UK Government will be responsible for determining the future of our ocean. We’ve designed a General Election conversation pack to equip you with the knowledge to be an ocean advocate during the election season.

Emperor Penguin

13 Jun 2024

Dedicated dads: Four ocean fathers that deserve some love

Being a dad is a magical experience, but a lot of sea creatures do not share this sentiment. This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating four ocean species where the dads play an active role in parenting and caring for their offspring.

Shark fin

12 Jun 2024

Jaw-some shark facts to sink your teeth into

Sharks are one of the most recognisable animals of the ocean but how much do you know about them? Find out some facts today!

Colin Speedie leatherback.jpg

11 Jun 2024

Look out for leatherback sea turtles this summer

With wildlife sightings season on the horizon, we shine a spotlight on the most frequently recorded sea turtle species in UK and Irish waters – the leatherback.

Catherine swimming in the sea

1 Jun 2024

Official bathing season in Scotland offers a chance to give back to the ocean

Saturday 1st of June marks the start of the official Bathing Season in Scotland when there will be even more people finding joy in their local blue space. Our Policy and Advocacy Manager asks if there's is more we can be doing to give back to the ocean.

Sun over sea - seascape

30 May 2024

Positive ocean news: May '24 edition

Read our latest monthly round-up of positive ocean news stories for your dose of ocean optimism.

Green turtles over seagrass in Turks and Caicos Islands

23 May 2024

Marine turtles: Your questions answered

Ever wondered what the difference between a turtle and tortoise is? Find out as we answer your commonly asked questions about turtles.

Piggy Bank

17 May 2024

5 reasons you should consider giving to charity

Donating to charity has benefits for both individuals and important causes. Find out five great reasons to give to charity today.

Woman in sea

15 May 2024

Bathing water quality: What needs to be done?

Our bathing water system needs an overhaul. Find out how we're pushing for change.

HRH King Charles III speaking to Marine Conservation Society

10 May 2024

King Charles III continues Royal Patronage of Marine Conservation Society

We are honoured and thrilled to have King Charles continue his Royal Patronage. His Royal Highness has been our Patron for more than 30 years, playing an active role in our launch.

Wave breaking Tim Marshall

2 May 2024

Why we're calling on France to accept bottom trawling restrictions in UK MPAs

Lately, there's been a surge of news on bottom trawling in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). we're calling for French vessels to desist from bottom trawling immediately in regulated UK and French MPAs.

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