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Plastic bags in the ocean Rich Carey

10 May 2021

Plastic bag charge to increase in England

In an effort to curb the amount of plastic entering our seas, the charge for single-use plastic carrier bags is set to increase from 5p to 10p on 21st May.


4 May 2021

Our new report: Blue carbon and rewilding our waters

Our new report in partnership with Rewilding Britain: Blue Carbon – Ocean-based solutions to fight the climate crisis


4 May 2021

The ocean’s solution to the climate emergency

Beach litter at Crantock beach Cornwall Natasha Ewins

27 Apr 2021

More delays on Deposit Return Scheme: we need your support

In 2018 an amazing 25,000 people signed our petition in support of a Deposit Return Scheme which included plastics bottles, cans and glass. Three years later and the government have launched a second consultation into a proposed Deposit Return Scheme.

Eelgrass bed Divedog

21 Apr 2021

Seagrass planting programme gets underway

Today, work kicks off on England’s biggest ever seagrass planting effort in Plymouth Sound National Marine Park. We’re delighted to play a part in restoring this precious habitat.

Octopus making a plastic water bottle his home in the Costa Brava Spain Roger Millan

20 Apr 2021

Five facts about octopuses (not octopi)

Octopuses are amazing. Here are five things you may not know about these remarkable creatures.

Ocean waves foam birdseye view Sergey Bogomyako

14 Apr 2021

Sustainability, seafood and Seaspiracy

We promised to come back to those of you who asked us questions after watching Seaspiracy. Our team has responded to some follow-up questions. We hope they’re useful.

Parpal Dumplin.JPG

13 Apr 2021

Rare sea sponge finally named

A unique purple sea sponge, discovered over a decade ago off the coast of Norfolk, has finally been named thanks to a nine-year-old school girl called Sylvie.

Volunteers at Great British Beach Clean on Hove Beach Brighton Billy Barraclough

9 Apr 2021

Zoe Lyons speaks out about beach litter

Comedian Zoe Lyons, speaks to our Ocean Ambassador Fernando Montano in the latest episode of our podcast, Oceancast.

Blue shark in English Waters Kirsty Andrews

5 Apr 2021

Five sharks found in UK waters

Sharks are some of the ocean’s most captivating, and often misunderstood, creatures.

Gillian Couzens biologist and filmmaker Hannah Couzens

4 Apr 2021

The future of the plastic problem

The last few years have seen plastic pollution campaigning come on in leaps and bounds.

Applying treatments on reefs afected by SCTLD

1 Apr 2021

Cayman Islands expand protected areas

These days, we often use the word ‘resilience’ to describe the capacity of wildlife and habitats to bounce back from the stresses and threats they face. But in the Cayman Islands, our friends on the front line of marine conservation have shown that they are resilient too.

Fucoid seaweed Georgie Bull

16 Mar 2021

Using microalgae in sustainable aquaculture

A healthy diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish. Unfortunately, global demand for omega-3 EPA & DHA already exceeds our capability to supply. Could microalgae be in the answer?

Acanthastrea Coral Tyler Fix

16 Mar 2021

Six facts about corals

Corals are the bustling cities of the underwater world, acting as fish nurseries. Most people think corals are plants, but they are actually animals related to jellyfish and anemones. Here are six more facts you (probably) didn’t know about corals.

Fish farm from the air Pasta Design

16 Mar 2021

Is Scottish farmed salmon sustainable?

Why does the salmon farming industry in Scotland, as currently operated, pose serious environmental concerns?

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

11 Mar 2021

Can I flush it?

What we flush down the toilet can have a harmful impact on our marine environment.

Fishing boats in St Ives Cornwall Natasha Ewins

11 Mar 2021

How cameras on boats could help end overfishing

Over 40% of assessed fish populations are subject to overfishing, ranking UK fisheries among the most heavily exploited in the world.

Clothes in a washing machine Werayuth Tes

11 Mar 2021

Slow fashion and reducing my impact

Many of our clothes are made of tiny plastic microfibres which pollute the ocean with every wash and wear.

Plastic litter in the sea Rich Carey

11 Mar 2021

Cutting back on plastic in the kitchen

I’m committed to learning and proactively doing as much as possible to reduce my impact and do my part to support a more sustainable world for everyone.

Salmon fish farm nets in Loch Awe Arygll and Bute Richard Johnson

10 Mar 2021

Perspectives on responsible aquaculture

If there’s not enough seafood to go around, should we downgrade the health advice or set about producing more seafood?



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