Grey Seal at Farne Islands Mark Kirkland

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Hawksbill and Green turtle in the Caribbean UKOTs

28 Jun 2022

The true value of marine turtles

Shells- Unsplash- Mick-Haupt

24 Jun 2022

Let’s talk about shells

We’ve been talking to Helen Scales, author of ‘What a Shell Can Tell’. We learn about the interesting shells in our seas and on our shores, and the impact of human activity and climate change on them.

2 Young green turtle over seagrass bed in TCI RGB - Peter Richardson MCS

17 Jun 2022

"What do turtles do all day?" and other questions...

We've been chatting to Dr Peter Richardson, our in-house turtle expert, all about marine turtles to get the low-down on these charismatic creatures

Kelp, Orkney, Scotland. Alison Moore

8 Jun 2022

Beneath the Waves: Our new supporter events

We're excited to be launching our new online supporter events, Beneath the Waves. These events will run three times a year, with the first taking place on 22nd June 2022.

Volunteer Kerrie Portobello

1 Jun 2022

Meet some of our volunteers

Ever wondered what it’s like to volunteer with us? Our volunteers Kerrie and Sean give us the lowdown and why they decided to get involved with our work, what they’ve been up to and what they’ve learned from the experience

Volunteer at the Great British Beach Clean 2020 Tara Proud

1 Jun 2022

Ways to volunteer with us

It doesn't matter if you live near to the coast or in a landlocked city, there are lots of great ways to get involved with our work.

Lobster pots in Arbroath, Scotland

31 May 2022

The lowdown on crab and lobster in the UK

There’s been a lot of talk about crab and lobster potting lately. We give the lowdown on what’s happening with these species and what the future might hold.

Mediterranean gulls flying in the sky with a barrel jellyfish underwater Costa Brava Spain Damsea

30 May 2022

Fascinating facts about jellyfish

Jellyfish have been drifting, floating and bobbing along in our ocean for over 500 million years - that's longer than dinosaurs, and a lot longer than us. We're sharing some facts you might not know about jellies...

Hawksbill and Green turtle in the Caribbean UKOTs

26 May 2022

The seven species of marine turtles

Marine turtles have been around for millions of years, covering great distances in our ocean and playing a crucial role in marine and coastal ecosystems. There are seven different species of marine turtles, six of which have been recorded in UK waters.

Snakelocks Anemone on Seagrass Georgie Bull

25 May 2022

Protecting seagrass in Plymouth Sound

We’ve been working to protect and restore vital seagrass habitats at Cawsand, in Plymouth Sound.


24 May 2022

Fishy business: The Fish INTEL project

As part of the Fish INTEL project, we’re tagging fish to track their behaviour. This will help bass, crawfish and bluefin tuna thrive in UK, French and Belgian waters. If we know what they’re doing, we can offer them better protection.

Young Beach Cleaner MonkeyBusienssImages

16 May 2022

When shall we tell the children?

When do we talk to younger children about climate change, our polluted ocean and the future of the planet - all of which could have a far greater long-term impact on them?

Velvet Swimming Crab Georgie Bull

4 May 2022

Crabs: the crustacean that keeps on giving

Did you know there are more than 7,000 crab species in 100 different families across the world today? They’re one of the most diverse and adaptable of all animal groups.

Moon Jellyfish Mark Kirkland

27 Apr 2022

Spring has sprung as jellyfish bloom

Our temperate seas undergo huge ecological change when the warming rays of the sun finally linger that little bit longer on our highest latitudes. Jellyfish are one of the first animals to take advantage of spring's arrival.

Diver with ghost net, Ghost Fishing UK, Christine Grosart

22 Apr 2022

Tackling ghost fishing gear in UK waters

Christine Grosart is a trustee, secretary and underwater videographer of the registered charity Ghost Fishing UK. She talks about the issue of ghost fishing gear in UK waters, and speaks about her latest film project.

Wet wipes on Scottish beach, Catherine Gemmell

19 Apr 2022

Solving Scotland’s sewage related litter problem

We're working to help clear Scotland’s coast and stop sewage-related litter at source.

Waves at sea level Thierry Meier

14 Apr 2022

Campaign win: damaging fishing banned from four Marine Protected Areas

On 13th April 2022, the Government announced it will ban damaging fishing from four of the UK’s offshore Marine Protected Areas. Worth celebrating? Definitely. But the Government has a long way to go to reach its goal of 40 sites properly protected by 2024.

Children rock pooling

13 Apr 2022

Easter fun by the sea

Taking a trip to the coast this Easter break? We’ve put together a list of some great seaside activities you can get up to whilst you’re there.

Non-stick frying pan Cooker King

13 Apr 2022

Don't cause a stink down your sink this Easter

Sewers clogged up with fat stop waste water reaching treatment works and can ultimately result in untreated sewage ending up on our beaches and in the sea.

Greek Baked Pollock

13 Apr 2022

Best sustainable fish recipes for Good Friday

Need some inspiration for which fish dish to cook this Good Friday? We’ve rounded up some great sustainable seafood recipes to help you find the perfect feast for your family and friends this weekend.