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Plastic bottle floats in the Pacific Ocean Ethan Daniels

4 Mar 2021

Cutting back on plastic in the bathroom

Cutting out plastic from your life is a positive step that everyone can take.

Can left on the beach Luke Manley

25 Feb 2021

Teaching kids to care: plastic-free parties

Kids easily identify with the plight of animals and sea life, they’re so aware of the scourge of plastic pollution filling our oceans.

Cooked prawns  Mateusz Gzik

25 Feb 2021

Are prawns a good environmental choice?

We Brits love our prawns – in fact, we love them so much they make into our top five seafood choices alongside salmon, cod, haddock and tuna.

Big Seaweed Search Rockpool

25 Feb 2021

Join the Big Seaweed Search

UK coasts and shallow seas are nicknamed a “goldilocks” zone for seaweeds - it is not too hot, not too cold for them.

Lion's Mane Jellyfish Farne Islands Scotland Kirsty Andrews

25 Feb 2021

Jellyfish superstars you can spot on UK shores

We’ve rounded up some of the jellyfish you’re most likely to spot on the UK coastline.

Microplastics nurdles in hand Matt Barnes

24 Feb 2021

What are nurdles and why are they a problem?

Nurdles are small pellets used to make nearly all the plastic products we buy.

Fishing boats in Folkestone Harbour UK Tim M

24 Feb 2021

What is Remote Electronic Monitoring?

It’s incredibly important all fishing activity is sustainable and one of the most effective ways to improve fisheries management is to roll out remote electronic monitoring with cameras.

Octopus on seabed, Scotland - SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

18 Feb 2021

Using your signature to bring about change

For campaigns and petitions to bring about change, we need to consider if our goals can be practically achieved.

Party-free children's party bags Gina Fox

15 Feb 2021

40% of 'eco-friendly' claims are misleading

Buying ‘green’ products can be quite the minefield, especially if you pay extra for one that’s environmentally-friendly or sustainable… you want to know that it's money well spent!

Seascape Scotland UK Mark Kirkland

11 Feb 2021

A pollution time bomb heading to the coast

When English rivers were recently tested the results were horrific: not one was free from chemical pollution.

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

10 Feb 2021

Analysing high street retailers' wet wipe claims

High street retailers are falling short when it comes to testing, labelling and removing plastic from their own-brand wet wipes.

Waves at sea level Thierry Meier

1 Feb 2021

Young people demand climate change action

People across the world have spoken up about their concern for climate change in a recent UN Global Climate Poll and the loudest voices have come from young people.

Beer bottle litter on Crantock Beach Cornwall Beer Natasha Ewins

26 Jan 2021

Deposit Return Scheme put on back burner

The government’s flagship Environment Bill will be delayed by at least six months, marking its third delay since 2018, and putting a new system for laws and ambitious targets for nature on hold.

Empty and broken scallop shells possibly due to the raking action of dredges Lyme Bay Scotland Colin Munro.

19 Jan 2021

Marine unProtected Areas: what happens next?

A couple of weeks ago we released our new report, Marine unProtected Areas. We spent a year looking at what’s happening in our waters and found that almost all of England’s Marine Protected Areas.

Seagrass near Weymouth Georgie Bull

6 Jan 2021

Stop bottom trawling in UK's protected waters

Our report has found bottom trawling taking place in 98% of the UK’s offshore Marine Protected Areas designed to protect the seabed.

Wave break on Hove Beach Brighton Billy Barraclough

18 Dec 2020

Don't cause a stink down your festive sink!

Sewers clogged up with fat stop waste water reaching treatment works and can ultimately result in untreated sewage ending up on our beaches and in the sea.

Spiny Seahorse in Seagrass Georgie Bull

16 Dec 2020

Sally-Ann Hart MP to become seagrass champion

Sally-Ann Hart, MP for Hastings and Rye has become the new ‘Species Champion’ for seagrass.

Basking Shark off Coll West Scotland Mark Kirkland

4 Dec 2020

New protections for Scottish seas

In July 2019 we joined forces with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to campaign in support of better protection for basking sharks, whales, dolphins and seabed habitats.

Herring shoal International ELARTEVIVEENTI

3 Dec 2020

Five festive fish

The Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only thing that’s green in your household this season.

Small fishing trawler off the coast of Ayrshire, Scotland Norrie3699

23 Nov 2020

Fisheries Act misses the mark on sustainability

The UK’s landmark post-Brexit fisheries legislation has become law. The Fisheries Act, the first legislation of its kind in nearly 40 years, will shape how the UK’s seas are fished for years to come.



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