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26 Sep 2023

10 years of Nature Champions in Scotland

This year marks a decade of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) taking part in the Nature Champions project and acting as voices to protect and conserve our precious marine life. We look at what the project has achieved.

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25 Sep 2023

Positive ocean news: September edition

A round-up of positive news stories from September to celebrate the wins for our seas, including rescued dolphins, a new system to remove plastic from the ocean, and a national beach cleaning event.

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20 Sep 2023

Prime Minister, don't dilute net zero policies

High Court Date Billy Barraclough

15 Sep 2023

High Court delivers verdict on our sewage case

This afternoon, Friday 15th September, the High Court dismissed our case against the UK Government to address the deluge of raw sewage being dumped into English seas.

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14 Sep 2023

Great British Beach Clean: Five ways to further your impact

Five actions you can take during the Great British Beach Clean to have an even greater impact on the ocean and our blue planet.

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4 Sep 2023

Bluefin tuna: An ocean giant on the rise

As the population of bluefin tuna experiences a heartening resurgence, a new set of challenges are beginning to appear on the horizon.

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29 Aug 2023

Positive ocean news: August edition

A monthly round-up of the positive news stories for our ocean from August, including a newly discovered underwater ecosystem, ancient jellyfish, and a seagrass planting project.

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18 Aug 2023

Sewage is more than meets the eye

You may have seen wet wipes or period products along the beach, but did you know about the invisible side of sewage pollution that’s also wreaking havoc on our ocean?

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18 Aug 2023

Get involved with Jellyfish Weekend

Our Ocean Ambassador Lizzie Daly joins us to ask you to report sightings of jellyfish this Jellywatch Weekend, 18th-20th August.

Cornwall Compass Jellyfish, Sam Mansfield

8 Aug 2023

Marking 20 years of wildlife sightings

As we celebrate 20 years of supporters reporting their jellyfish and turtle sightings to us, we take a look at how it all started, what we’ve learned and the difference your sightings have made.

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31 Jul 2023

Vision for the future of Scotland’s Aquaculture published

This month, the Scottish Government released its Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture, setting out its plans for how the industry should develop all the way to 2045.

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27 Jul 2023

Our new study shows ocean protections worth

Our analysis shows a bottom trawling ban in the UK’s offshore protected areas could be worth over three billion pounds to the UK economy.

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27 Jul 2023

Positive ocean news: July edition

A round-up of positive news stories from July to celebrate the wins for our seas, including an ocean clean-up, a freed seal, and a conservation project in Puerto Rico.

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26 Jul 2023

Achieving 30 by 30: Can it be done?

A new report published by the House of Lords, which our evidence influence, sets out the challenges to achieving 30x30 and what must be done to deliver the international commitment of protecting 30% of England’s land and seas by 2030.

Crystal-Jellyfish- Kondratuk Aleksei

12 Jul 2023

Rare but beautiful: Less common jellyfish in UK waters

Our seas are full of jellyfish. You might be aware of - or seen - some of the more common species, like lion's mane or moon jellies. But there are some species which are less often seen, but just as fascinating.

11 Jul 2023

Keeping Bossington Beach beautiful, one clean at a time

Cornwall seascape, Sam Mansfield

4 Jul 2023

In ‘hot water’: What rising temperatures mean for our seas

We’re seeing the impacts of climate change on our ocean and those that call it home, with heatwaves and rising temperatures warming our seas. We explain what this means for our ocean and those that call it home.


3 Jul 2023

Positive ocean news: June edition

A monthly round-up of the positive news stories for our ocean from June, including rare porpoise sightings, coral reef restoration, and an entangled humpback whale set free.

Houses of Parliament Luxstorm

30 Jun 2023

The REUL Bill: Where is it now?

Following nine months of debate, the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill has now reached royal assent. But what does this mean and how will it impact environmental protections?

Sewage in the sea

29 Jun 2023

Take action for #SewageFreeSeas

Hear from our Head of Clean Seas, Dr Laura Foster, about why we’re asking you to respond to the UK Government's consultation on its Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan.

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