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Beach clean, Cramond. Robert Ormerod.

30 Apr 2024

Rounding up Citizen Science Month

We celebrate the power of citizen science and all those who took part in our acitivities during Citizen Science Month

Clown fish swimming in coral

29 Apr 2024

Positive ocean news: April '24 edition

Read our latest monthly round-up of positive ocean news stories for your dose of ocean optimism.

Plastic litter in the sea Rich Carey

25 Apr 2024

UK Government announces step forward for Deposit Return Scheme

Today, the UK Government has announced a huge step forward for the Deposit Return Scheme. Our Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Luk, welcomed the announcement but highlights our disappointment in the timeline for the Scheme.

Tamsin Betti - Former Director of Communicaions and Engagement

23 Apr 2024

A tribute to Tamsin Betti: Change maker and innovator

Tamsin Betti, who was our Director of Engagement & Communications from 2019 to 2022, has sadly passed away. Here, our CEO Sandy Luk pays tribute to a remarkable woman.

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

22 Apr 2024

Single-use wet wipes containing plastic to be banned

After over a decade of campaigning, we are delighted by the announcement from all governments across the UK today banning the supply and sale of single-use wet wipes containing plastic.

Ocean waves

22 Apr 2024

A showcase of UK marine life for Earth Day 2024

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, we have collated a breathtaking collection of ocean photography from around the UK, kindly donated by supporting photographers who share our passion for all things ocean.

YON workshop - Blue Influencers Conference 2024

9 Apr 2024

Inspiring youth action at the Blue Influencers Conference

Members of our Youth Ocean Network came together to deliver presentations and workshops to show how young people can help drive change and take action in blue spaces impacted by climate change.

Georgie Bull diving - 32764 - Billy Barraclough

1 Apr 2024

Celebrating Citizen Science Month

Citizen science is valuable in expanding our knowledge of the underwater world and allows anyone, anywhere to get involved in scientific research that brings about real change. Our projects provide vital data that helps us learn more about the ocean.

Seascape - beach

28 Mar 2024

Positive ocean news: March 24 edition

A round-up of positive news stories from March to celebrate the wins for our seas.

Snakelocks Anemone, Chalk Reef, Freshwater Bay

20 Mar 2024

World Rewilding Day: recovery of marine wildlife and habitats is possible

To celebrate World Rewilding Day, we're sharing some of our most successful restorative projects to show that change is possible.

people seaweed searching

20 Mar 2024

Citizen Science Month: What is citizen science?

Discover the importance of citizen science and how this fun data-led scientific method can inspire behavioural change in communities and influence political change.

Humpback Whale Maui Maui Topical Images.

18 Mar 2024

5 marine animals you may not know migrate

In light of the ‘State Of The World’s Migratory Species’ report, which detailed steep population declines, we highlight the beautiful diversity of migratory marine animals across the globe.

Big waves at sea

13 Mar 2024

The ocean and climate change

We look at how the ocean protects us from and is impacted by the effects of climate change, such as coastal erosion, rising temperatures and ocean acidification.

Seagrass Isle Of Wight

11 Mar 2024

Raising awareness of seagrass at the Seagrass Symposium

Find out how we were involved in a great deal of seagrass awareness raising and action in the lead-up to World Seagrass Day.

Blue Sharks

7 Mar 2024

Four pioneering women who shaped ocean conservation

This International Women’s Day, we want to remember some of the female trailblazers of marine conservation.

Puffin with chick

6 Mar 2024

Mothers in nature: 4 great animal mothers

Mothers are amazing – be they human or marine animal. We shine a light on four amazing marine mothers and their own unique parenting styles.

Book on the beach

6 Mar 2024

11 Ocean themed books to celebrate World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we're sharing some of our favourite ocean-themed reads.

Seabirds over sea

1 Mar 2024

Spring Budget: Spending on the foundation of a sustainable blue economy

Ahead of the Spring Budget on 6th March 2024, we explore where and how the Chancellor of the Exchequer could use Government funding to encourage the growth of a sustainable blue economy, whilst boosting ocean recovery.

Clean Seas Collective

1 Mar 2024

Combatting ocean pollution through sustainable fashion

We’re focussed on finding sustainable fashion solutions and demanding stronger action to protect the health of our oceans and its residents. Find out how.

Sunset Paul Garnett

28 Feb 2024

Positive ocean news: February edition

Dive into this month's round-up of good news stories for our seas.

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