Beach cleans

If you want to help keep Britain's beaches beautiful and our ocean safe for wildlife, why not become a Beachwatch volunteer and join one of our beach clean surveys?

As well as cleaning up our coastline, Beachwatch volunteers note down all the items they find in a 100m stretch of beach. Every lolly stick, lost toy or piece of plastic - we record it. This data is hugely important as it helps us track litter back to source, and enables us to campaign for change.

To find out more, contact [email protected] or call 01989 566017 and choose option 2.

Vaishali beach clean, Bovisand beach, Billy Barraclough

Find a beach clean

Every year thousands of people run beach cleans all over the country. Take a look and find one near you.


Organise a beach clean

Organising a beach clean and survey is easy. Log on - or create a volunteer account - and then follow the simple steps.


Team beach cleans

If you’re looking for a team building or volunteering day for your company why not join our experts on the beach for a day of fun, doing something worthwhile for the environment?

Ashbrooke House School students partaking in Cool Seas Clean Up Ali Naulls

Schools and groups

Beach cleaning empowers children to do their bit for nature. By learning how their actions impact on our oceans we hope the next generation will be inspired to take up the fight against marine litter.


Great British Beach Clean

Every September thousands of people across the UK head to the coast to take part in the Great British Beach Clean. This year's event is taking place between Friday 16th - Sunday 25th September 2022. Find out how you can get involved and how it helps.


The importance of data

Our beach cleans are a little bit different. We clean AND survey the litter found at the beach. The data YOU help to collect makes real positive changes to our marine environment.

street litter

Source to Sea Litter Quest

Most of the litter that ends up on our beaches or in the sea starts its journey in villages, towns and cities miles from the coast. Taking part in our Source to Sea Litter Quest means that no matter where you live across the UK, you can help keep our seas clean.

Tropical Reef

Useful guides and resources

Here you'll find a useful library of guides and resources to help you join us in our vital work to restore the health of our oceans.

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