We campaign for a cleaner, better protected ocean. Get involved with our latest actions and join us in our fight to save our seas.


Swimming in wet wipes

Our seas are swimming in wet wipes containing plastic. Once they start to break down they're killing marine wildlife and clogging up our beaches. Help us call for urgent action.


COP26: our call for urgent ocean action

As global leaders meet at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, we need all governments to recognise that a healthy ocean is vital in the fight against climate change. Protecting and rewilding our marine environment must be a priority for the planet. Together we can make it happen.


Let's urge MSPs 'Don’t kick the can down the road again!'

As a historic agreement is announced between the Scottish Government and Scottish Greens, we're pleased that they have committed to increasing protection for marine areas but we're also concerned there has been no mention of the Deposit Return Scheme.

Plastic litter in the ocean Rich Carey

Don’t bottle it Boris – there's no time to waste

Our seas are being choked by rubbish, our coastline is littered with bottles and cans but with your support we can ask Boris Johnson to protect our ocean

Sunset at Dunraven Bay Wales Helen Hotson

Turning the tide on the declining health of Welsh seas

With the new Welsh Government now in place, we’re taking our campaign for an ocean recovery in Wales to the next level.

Clothes washing machine microfibres pollution Werayuth Tes

Stop Ocean Threads

Our clothes are made of millions of tiny fibres, many of which are plastic. With every wash, microfibres shed from our clothes and can end up in the environment. That's why we want to #StopOceanThreads and get filters fitted in washing machines.

humphrey-muleba-SAdHXOTohfM-unsplash (1).jpg

Troi'r llanw ar iechyd dirywiol moroedd Cymru

Gyda'r sefydledd o'r Llywodraeth newydd Cymru, rydym yn cymryd ein hymgyrch adferiad y cefnfor yng Nghymru i’r lefel nesaf.

Balloon litter on beach in Scotland GBBC Tara Proud

Don't Let Go

There’s one thing to remember when it comes to balloons and sky lanterns – Don’t Let Go! Because what goes up must come down and when it does it can be fatal to wildlife.