Sea Champions

Sea Champions is our nationwide volunteer programme. You can get involved as much as you like and support us in a variety of ways depending on what appeals to you, whether that’s organising hands-on beach cleans or participating in national campaigns, giving talks, attending local events, raising funds or promoting sustainable seafood choices in your local community. However you choose to help there are plenty of opportunities to suit everyone!

If you have any questions about the programme please email or phone us on 01989 561 573.

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Meet the Team

Meet our team of
Sea Champion co-ordinators.

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Meet some Sea Champions

Our Sea Champions
come from across the UK.
Meet some of them
and find out what they do.

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Apply to be a Sea Champion

Apply to join our Sea Champions
using our online form.

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About Sea Champions

Our Sea Champions are involved in a huge range of activities
that support our work and help protect our seas, wildlife and beaches.

Sea Champion Resources

From guides and posters, packs and booklets to digital presentations
we have a wealth of resources online.

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Sea Champions’ online community

Our Sea Champions are active on social media.

Did you know?…

MCS launched Seasearch in 2003 to train volunteer divers to record and monitor wildlife and habitats

5.4 million people spend time by, on or in the sea every year

MCS launched its Sea Champion volunteer programme in 2012 thanks to funding from M&S

Become a Sea Champion

Find out more about our ‘Sea Champion’ volunteers and how to join them

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Stop the plastic tide

Support our appeal to turn the tide on plastics.

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