Plastic free bathroom

The Plastic Challenge is back! This July, we're asking you to go as plastic free as you can in your bathroom. By tackling plastic waste one room at a time, it's easier for you to reduce your plastic footprint and save the ocean - for people and the planet.

Bathroom plastics

Loads of us are really good at recycling household items from the kitchen and living areas. But according to recent research from Nivea, less than half (49%) of UK adults and less than a third (29%) of young people (18 – 24) always recycle bathroom products.

From shampoo and bodywash bottles, to handwash tubs, toothpaste tubes and period products - our bathrooms are swimming in plastic. And from beach clean data our volunteers have collected, we know that a lot of that bathroom plastic is ending up in the ocean.

Can you go plastic free in your bathroom this July?

All this month, we'll be sharing simple, sustainable swaps you can make in your bathroom, as well as sharing money-saving tips to show you how being eco-friendly doesn't have to cost the earth.

Share your swaps with us on social media using #PlasticChallenge and sign up to our emails below for the latest bathroom plastic-free hacks.

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How is your plastic knowledge?

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Plastic – a lasting problem for our planet

We use single-use plastics for just about everything, from cleaning our teeth and showering, to deodorant and disposable razors. It's durable and lightweight, but these properties mean it remains in the environment for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Every year approximately 11 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean. This causes devastating harm to wildlife, polluting our water with chemicals and breaking down into microplastics that enter into our food chain.

We all have a part to play in cutting back on single-use plastic and changing our throwaway culture.

Plastic Challenge 2022 - Bathroom Challenge

Plastic pollution on the beach. Make July the month you go plastic free in your bathroom

Credit: Natasha Ewins

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