Seagrass meadow

Our partnership with has been a corporate supporter of the Marine Conservation Society since 2020, making an annual financial contribution as well as promoting our campaigns, events and activities to their staff, cottage owners and guests.

Support from has contributed towards conservation projects in and around the south coast of England to restore and preserve threatened seagrass habitats. These projects have helped to ensure that seagrass meadows and the seabed are protected through measures including Advanced Mooring Systems in marinas, as well as campaigns to improve water quality, reduce damaging overfishing and safeguard marine protected areas.

The UK coast offers a wide range of popular holiday destinations, and has over 250,000 people holidaying by the sea with them each year. So working with a conservation charity as a corporate partner, to protect and preserve our ocean and coast for future generations, is a key priority for the business.

Over the years, the team has run social media promotions to raise awareness of marine conservation, including a recent #SummersByTheWater photography competition, and encouraged staff to volunteer at regular team beach cleans close to their head office in North Devon.

As part of their 2024 support, will continue to contribute to the Marine Conservation Society by offering further financial backing, as well as raising awareness of the struggles facing our ocean. They will strive to reach guests with eye-opening literature alongside organising events that will involve staff and cottage owners who are looking to do their bit to combat everyday threats to marine habitats.

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