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Why the Marine Conservation Society is the perfect corporate partner

Today, businesses recognise that putting their social and environmental values into action can enhance their brand, improve their competitive edge, and motivate their staff.

We've been working to save our seas for nearly 40 years. Partner with us and together we can make the world a better place.

We all need a healthy environment in which to thrive. That’s why protecting our ocean benefits your business and your people.

We are a community

People are at the heart of everything we do – from our staff and volunteers to the supporters we inspire to make change happen.

We can help you engage your team in tackling the most urgent environmental challenges of today, like climate change, marine pollution, overfishing and habitat destruction.

Beach clean volunteers at Great British Beach Clean on Eastney Beach Portsmouth GBBC Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

We can connect you to the ocean

We are a credible and solutions focused organisation, passionate about protecting our ocean and the life it supports. As your ocean partner, we’ll share with you campaigns and stories to use across your internal and external communications. And you’ll have opportunities to reach our supporters through our channels.

With citizen science programmes such as Beachwatch, and the Big Seaweed Search, our annual Plastic Challenge, and fundraising Big Blue Days, we’ll provide plenty of staff engagement opportunities throughout the year.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle swims in the Pacific ocean off Costa Rica's Corcovado peninsula Joost Van Uffelen

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Your support will make a difference

We stand up for what we believe in, even when it’s not the most popular view. And we do what is right for the marine environment, not what is easy.

Our supporters have helped us campaign successfully for more marine protection in the UK and overseas territories, bans on pointless plastics, and more responsible sourcing of seafood and sustainable practices.

Together, we can work towards a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean. For seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.

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