Report a jellyfish sighting

Your sightings contribute to marine research and are essential to monitor jellyfish populations around the UK. Jellyfish are important indicators of change in our seas and we use this data to monitor the health of the ocean.

Add the date using the following format: DD/MM/YY
Exact location of sighting (if possible, use What3words, or the latitude and longitude co-ordinates using Google Maps)
Estimate the distance in metres
Estimate the distance in metres
If you aren't sure, check out our UK jellyfish identification guide.
How many jellyfish were there?
We'd love to see photos of your sightings*. You can share them with us at [email protected] or by tagging us on social media using @mcsuk and #JellyfishSighting. Please include the date and location of the sighting so we can match them to your record.