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We want to hear about the wildlife you spot at the coast and at sea, especially marine turtles and jellyfish in UK and Irish waters.

Your sightings provide vital information about our ocean's inhabitants and contributes to scientific research which finds solutions to protect our seas.

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Report a jellyfish sighting

Your sightings contribute to marine research and are essential to monitor jellyfish populations around the UK. Jellyfish are important indicators of change in our seas and we use this data to monitor the health of the ocean.


Report a marine turtle sighting

We are interested in hearing about the marine turtles you spot around the UK. Your turtle sightings are used to gain valuable insights into the health of our ocean. If you do find a hard-shelled turtle, DO NOT return it to the water, it is likely they are in cold water shock. Once you report it, we will contact you and try to recover it to give it the best chance of survival.

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Why report your sightings?

Since 2003, citizen scientists have been reporting jellyfish and turtle sightings in UK waters. This provides our scientists with vital information to learn more about our ocean visitors and protect marine wildlife.

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Dive into the data

Your wildlife sighting reports are helping make a difference to our ocean. We use scientific data, like this, to campaign for real change in the way we manage and protect our seas.

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Marine turtles in UK seas

You can help in the effort to protect endangered marine turtles by providing information about your encounters with these spectacular creatures in UK waters.

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How to identify jellyfish

Jellyfish occur throughout UK seas, with large blooms of most species appearing in the spring and lasting through to autumn. Here are some top tips and identifying features to help you decide which species you've spotted.