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Our action to tackle Scotland's sewage scandal has now come to an end.

Campaign update: 7th September 2023

Thank you for sending your MSP an email about sewage pollution in Scotland. This action, along with the decades of work by volunteers gathering vital evidence of sewage-related litter, has been instrumental in getting conversations started with parliamentarians

On the 5th of September the Scottish Government announced in its Programme for Government that they will continue to build on the £170 million pounds worth of investment for Scotland’s water and sewerage services. This includes a review of water industry policy and an assessment of how future legislation could help the entire water, drainage and sewerage network adapt to climate change. We'll continue to follow this work closely to ensure sewage pollution stays at the top of the government's agenda.

Why we took action

Data from 2022 shows that sewage polluted Scottish seas for over 113,000 hours. This data is from just 3.4% of overflows that are currently monitored and reported on, a fraction of what the problem might be across Scotland.

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