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70% of the fish-buying public think sustainability is important. With a better understanding of your supply chain, you can give your customers the peace of mind they expect and play your part in protecting our ocean.

How we can help

Whether you’re new to the world of sustainable seafood or an experienced operator, we offer a range of resources and services. Our team of experts can help you understand how your business measures up and offer simple steps and guidance on how to improve your seafood sourcing.

What is the Good Fish Guide?

The Good Fish Guide is used by businesses big and small to check the sustainability of the seafood they buy and sell. It contains sustainability assessments for more than 700 seafood sources commonly traded in the UK. Our ratings are used on 20% of the seafood meals sold in the UK.

76% of UK consumers now consider ethical supply chains as crucial to their decision-making

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Just some of the businesses that use our ratings:

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Rigorously researched ratings

Every Good Fish Guide rating is carefully researched to help you choose sustainable seafood. Get started by searching for your favourite seafood.

"In 2020 we partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to help us analyse the sustainability of our seafood supply chain. They helped us fully understand the environmental impact of our current seafood sourcing, as well as advising us on the sustainability of potential new products. We’re currently rolling out green-rated hiramasa across our outlets all over Europe."

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Celine Ricord, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Kelly Deli