Bovisand Beach, Plymouth, Devon, 2021, Billy Barraclough

The sea and me

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We're pleased to share three short films, created by filmmaker Dominic Joyce, and supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. The films follow three individuals as they explore the different experiences which led them to a deep connection to our blue planet: surfing, diving and beach cleaning.


Vaishali is one of our Sea Champion volunteers. In her film, Vaishalli speaks of her connection to the ocean which she found through beach cleaning.

As a dedicated beach cleaner, Vaishali sees firsthand the impact of pollution on marine life; she speaks in the film of spotting a seabird tangled in fishing wire on the first beach clean she attended. “We don’t think our actions can have major consequences”, she says. But everyone can make a difference: “It’s really important for us to change things now, and we can.”

Going to a calm and quiet beach, it helps you focus better – blows away the cobwebs - It cleanses your mind and you go home feeling relaxed, happy and rejuvenated

Vaishalli beach clean, Plymouth, Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Learn more about becoming a Sea Champion, or find a beach clean near you.


Georgie volunteers with us and for Seasearch, our dive project. In her film, Georgie takes you underwater to see some of the wonders of UK seas and the unfortunate reality of human impact.

Georgie Bull dive, Chesil Beach, Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

As a photographer, Georgie’s goal is to capture the UK’s seas in a way that inspires and motivates others, and builds a connection between people and the sea.

Whether on a small or large scale, Georgie’s film highlights the issue of marine pollution, from fishing nets to microplastics, and how it’s become part of experiencing the ocean. But the film is full of hope and inspiration, as Georgie says, “there is a lot we can do as individuals”.

I don’t think I've ever done a dive and not seen some form of human impact

Learn more about our Seasearch programme and how to get involved


Charlotte, who has autism, mild cerebral palsy and bipolar disorder, is now a competitive parasurfer and volunteer for the Wave Project.

In the film, Charlotte speaks of her fear of the ocean, until her Mum signed her up for surf therapy lessons. As someone who was very scared of the sea, and spent much of the first lesson on the beach, Charlotte’s journey to surfing competitively is a wonderful story of the positive power of the ocean.

As soon as I walked into the water, I just felt very calm, in control and happy – the first time I’d been in the sea, happy and not worrying about anything else

Charlotte surfing, Gwithian Beach, Cornwall, Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough


With thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery for supporting the creation of these films.

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Credit: People's Postcode Lottery

Director: Dominic Joyce

Camera Operators: Dominic Joyce, Mark Sharman

Editor: Emma Ako

Camera assistant: Toby Russell

Dive supervisor: Bristol Channel Diving

Jet ski operator: Ben Grenata

Sound design: Will Berridge

Original Score: Theo Whitworth

Photographer: Billy Barraclough