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Ocean actions for 2023

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It's a brand new year and many of us are making resolutions, plans and goals for 2023. We're sharing some ocean actions you can take to help play your part in protecting our blue planet.

Support our campaigns

From stopping ocean threads, to properly protecting vital habitats, you can get involved with our latest actions and help save our seas.

Chemical crime scene, Stop Ocean Poison - VR - Daughter Studios

Credit: Daughter Studios

Harmful chemicals are now present in all water on earth, poisoning our blue planet. Join us in demanding the UK Government protect our planet and wildlife from chemical pollution.

Sign the petition today and help us Stop Ocean Poison

Take action to help clean up the coast

Cully and Sully beach clean - 35088 - Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Our beach cleans operate year-round.

You can join as a volunteer, or organise one for friends, family or colleagues. During a clean, you’ll collect litter and record what you find, feeding into almost 30 years of data to support our campaigning work.

Find more details, and a beach clean near you

If you aren’t able to get to the coast don’t worry, you can still take part with our Source to Sea Litter Quest. By picking up and recording litter from parks and streets, you can still make a difference.

Run for the Sea

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Got a New Year's resolution to get fit in 2023? Taking up running? Why not run for the sea?

With locations from Brighton to Edinburgh, we're sure you'll find an event in your area. Run as an individual or create your ideal team and challenge friends or colleagues to fundraise for the ocean.

Whether you want to take on a full marathon or something a little less daunting, we've got a great selection of running events and fun runs to suit everyone.

Find a Run for the Sea near you

Become a Citizen Scientist

Big Seaweed Search Rottingdean 86

Credit: Amy Pilsbury

Getting involved in projects which provide data and insight to scientists is a fantastic way to proactively help protect the ocean and planet.

Everyone can become a citizen scientist, and we've got plenty to get involved with:

  • Big Seaweed Search - seaweed tells scientists a lot about the state of the sea. By learning what species of seaweed can be found where around the UK coast, scientists can better understand things like ocean warming and acidification. Simply download the survey form, head to the coast and identify what seaweed you see.
  • Wildlife sightings - amazing wildlife is regularly spotted around the UK, and identifying what animals are coming to our shores really helps scientists understand the impacts of climate change on wildlife. If you see jellyfish or turtles when at the coast, let the us know on our sightings page.

Join our community of members

You can support our work by joining us as a member. As a member, you’ll receive an exclusive members-only magazine three times a year, be invited to supporter events, learn more about the issues that matter to you and make a lasting difference to the future of our planet.

Cully and Sully, Hove - Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Dive in!

Our Seasearch programme (which is 35 years old this year) works with volunteer divers and snorkellers in UK and Irish seas and offers an exciting way to learn about marine life, while playing a part in protecting and restoring the ocean. Volunteers collect information about habitats, plants and animals underwater, and help track the health of the ocean.

Georgie Bull diving - 32764 - Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Seasearch offers training at different levels, from absolute beginners to experts so anyone can get started or extend their skills.

Learn more about Seasearch

Make sustainable choices

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Looking carefully at where your food comes from, and choosing sustainable options, is a way to reduce your impact on the environment. If you're buying seafood, be sure to shop mindfully. Consider how and where it was caught or farmed.

Use our Good Fish Guide to search for the most sustainable seafood options; choose seafood rated green on the guide to minimise impact on the ocean and help protect blue carbon stores.

Download the Good Fish Guide app

Become part of our Youth Ocean Network

Youth Beach Clean - GBBC 2022

Credit: Katie MacFarlane

If you’re aged 13–25 you can volunteer with us by joining our Youth Ocean Network. The Network is a great opportunity to learn more, make friends, and add to your CV, no matter where you live in the UK or what your experience is.

Find out more and register here