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Get involved with Jellywatch Weekend

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Join our Ocean Ambassador Lizzie Daly and report your sightings of jellyfish this Jellywatch Weekend, 18th-20th August.

Jellyfish can be spotted year-round in UK and Irish seas, but more are likely to appear in the warmer summer months.

This weekend is Jellywatch Weekend. If you see a jellyfish washed up on the beach, or when you're in the sea, be sure to report it to us. Jellyfish are important indicators of change in our seas and we use this data to monitor the health of the ocean.

What kind of jellyfish have you spotted?

Not sure what species of jellyfish you've spotted? Don't worry! Check our identification page to help you. Top tips - look out for the beautiful colours and patterns on the jellyfish, as well as its size and shape.

Reporting it to us

Reporting take just a few minutes. We want to know what kind of jellyfish you've seen, where it was and how many you saw - often, jellyfish wash up in big groups called blooms. Our online form lets you tell us how many you've seen - reporting just one will help with our scientific research!

Share on social media

Spread the word about jellyfish reporting by sharing your sightings on social media. Remember to tag @lizziedalywild and @mcsuk so we can see your fascinating pictures!

Lizzie Daley Jellyfish

Lizzie Daly diving with an incredible barrel jellyfish

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