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Are you looking for the perfect present for sea lovers? Look no further than our gift membership! We're the marine conservation charity, working to solve the climate crisis, protect marine wildlife and clean up our ocean.

By buying a gift membership, you'll be supporting our vital work for the ocean as well as treating a loved one to a special present which will bring them joy all year round.

They'll get all the benefits a member does including a digital or physical welcome pack, Your Ocean members magazine three times a year, and regular updates about our ocean conservation work so that they can feel proud of helping protect our oceans.

Gift a membership for ocean lovers

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Dive into conservation: Your gift supports vital marine conservation projects and helps the fight against sewage in the UK and UK Overseas Territories.

Protect marine species: Help safeguard the incredible diversity of marine life, from majestic whales and mesmerising jellyfish to tiny, essential plankton.

Your gift well spent: For every £1 you donate each month, we spend 79p on protecting and restoring our ocean.

Take action: Your loves ones will get a digital or physical welcome pack, which includes our ‘living without single-use plastic’ guide, Seashore safari booklet and reusable tote bag to help them take everyday actions for our ocean. You can also add a heartwarming message in a gift card for free by choosing our physical pack.

Stay informed: Your chosen ocean lover will receive updates on our latest research, conservation initiatives, and marine species protection efforts, and get exclusive access to Your Ocean, our members magazine, three times a year.

Gift a membership

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Want to make your gift extra special for your loved ones?

Download our free digital card to send with your present. You can add your text digitally, or handwrite your message once printed.

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Gift a membership

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