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Where we work

For almost 40 years the Marine Conservation Society has been the voice of the ocean, defending habitats and species. We work around the UK protecting our seas, and also contribute to international data and legislation.

Our UK seas are full of life. Stunning species from basking sharks to barrel jellyfish, cuttlefish to corals are found around our coastline.

To help improve the health of our ocean we influence governments and decision makers to put ocean friendly policies and actions in place.

Data from our beach clean and litter surveys and volunteer dive programme feed into national and international databases. This evidence, highlighting the threats to our ocean has been used to campaign for many changes in policy and practice.

Through our sustained campaigning, conservation zones have been created around our waters, carrier bag charges have been introduced and we’ve influenced the Fisheries Act to make sustainable fishing a clear aim. And now we’re looking at the potential of our seas to reduce the impact of climate change.

Healthy seas have more wildlife, hold more carbon and offer a stable income to those whose livelihoods depend on them.

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Healthier ocean healthier planet