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Whether you joined our AGM online or in person this year, here are the supporting documents needed to take part in the event.

Information about this year's AGM

Because of ongoing uncertainties surrounding the COVID pandemic, we once again held this year’s AGM live online as part of our annual conference. However, as were bound by company law to hold an in-person AGM, members were also offered the opportunity to attend the meeting in person.

During the AGM, members were invited to vote on our resolutions online, in person or by proxy. Thank you to all members who participated.

Five proposals were passed, including:

  • The approval of the minutes of the 29th Annual General Meeting
  • The approval of the financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2021
  • The appointment of Richard Sandy Partnership Ltd as the auditors of the company until the next AGM at a fee to be agreed by the Board of Trustees
  • The approval and adoption of the updated Articles of Association of the company
  • The election of Helen Thernstrom to the Board of Trustees.

Watch the AGM

There was no charge to attend either the physical or online event, however we would be grateful if you would consider making a donation to help cover our costs.

Annual Impact Report 2020-2021

AGM documents

Introducing our new Trustee Helena Thernstrom

We were delighted to welcome Helena Thernstrom as a Marine Conservation Society Trustee. Read more about Helena on our Trustees page.

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