Our goals

Responsible fisheries and aquaculture

We will ensure there are more fish in healthier seas, improve the way wild fisheries and farms are managed and influence consumers and seafood businesses to be more responsible in their seafood buying choices.

Clean seas

We will ensure our seas are cleaner, track the health of our seas, identify key sources of pollution and develop innovative solutions for preventing and cleaning it up.

Ocean recovery

We will ensure our seas are better protected, improve marine management, secure more well-managed marine protected areas, recover, nurture and protect marine species and habitats, and track ocean recovery through research partnerships and citizen science.

Where we work

To ensure we have the most impact, and that we connect with people and strategically engage in projects in pursuit of our goals, we have bases in Ross-on-Wye, Edinburgh and London, and are present elsewhere in the UK, including Wales, the South-East and the South-West of England. We plan to further increase our coastal presence and extend our reach in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We also engage in policy development, educational projects and international work in the EU and beyond. Our international work focuses on marine conservation primarily in the North-East Atlantic and the UK Overseas Territories to help us achieve our goals and to provide learning and best practice that we can use across our programmes.

How we achieve our goals

Actions you can take

  1. Explore the 'How you can help' section of our website
  2. Read our annual reports and reviews
  3. Take part in our latest campaigns
  4. Open our Strategy 2017 - 2027 .pdf

Did you know?…

MCS started in 1983 in a garden shed in Herefordshire

UK Seas provide us with resources from fish to renewable marine energy

MCS launched its Cool Seas education project in 2005 with the help of a full size inflatable blue whale

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