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Eco-conscious burial choices

With news that Co-op Funeralcare hopes to be able to offer water cremations in the UK for the first time, we highlight which burial choices are the most eco-conscious.

How much do we know about the impact of our burial choices on the ocean and the wildlife that depend on it? What is the most eco-conscious way of dealing with your body after you die? These are difficult and emotional questions, and talking about our personal beliefs and wishes connected to our death is something many of us, understandably, put off.

But it’s something that most of us will have to consider and prepare for at some point. If you’d rather not discuss the subject, you may choose to add your funeral wishes to your will, along with the choices you make about gifts you want to leave to your loved ones or a cause close to your heart.

Burial options

Many of us, when considering our options for burial, think about whether we’d rather be buried or cremated, but did you know there are other options too?

Whether your main considerations are of environmental impact, cost, or practicality, we’ve looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will hopefully make it easier, and less overwhelming, for you when thinking about your choices.

We hope this has helped you consider the options and their advantages and disadvantages, or sparked a conversation at least. The ‘best’ type of burial for you depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. It’s a deeply personal choice, as is who you remember in your will.

If you choose to leave a gift for the causes you care about in your will, please consider requesting our guide at [email protected].

Thank you for thinking of the future of our ocean.