Kinniel beach litter during Great British Beach Clean 2019 Jack Holt

Get ocean inspired with recorded sessions for secondary students. Experts in their field talk about seagrass, plastics, climate change and more.

Check out the examples below or head to our secondary webinars playlist for more.

What's so special about seagrass?

With Dr Jean-Luc Solandt

Seagrass is a vital yet threatened marine habitat in the UK and around the world. This session explores why seagrass is so important, introduces some of the biggest threats it faces and looks at key solutions. Dr Jean-Luc Solandt, our Principal Specialist for Marine Protected Areas, explains the work we're doing with partners to save our seabed.

Youth Climate Summit 2020: Climate, the sea and me

In November 2020 our Education Officer, Rachael, delivered a series of talks called Climate, the sea and me for the Youth Climate Summit.

In this session, Rachael explores our colourful corner of the ocean - the North East Atlantic - and discusses how we can work with communities, governments, marine managers and scientists, to better protect our marine environment and help reduce the effects of climate change. Find out more about the summit here.

Plastics: the past, the present the problem

With Dr Imogen Napper

The first in a two-part series led by Dr Imogen Napper, marine scientist and Sea Champion. Dr Napper is a National Geographic Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar, who received a PhD at the University of Plymouth researching the sources of plastic in our seas. This session explores the history of plastics and how and why they're are such a problem for our seas today.

Careers in Marine Conservation

Interested in following a career in conservation or marine biology? Join us as we discuss some real life examples of people who work in marine conservation, from scientists and educators to graphic designers and fundraisers.