Shallow waters in summertime in the Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland Joost Van Uffelen

For recorded sessions, many with follow-up activities, check out our primary webinars and education playlists on YouTube.

Ocean Superheroes

This session is aimed at students aged 7-11 and explores vital UK marine habitats like seagrass, maerl and kelp. We look at common species, human impacts on our seas and why underwater habitats really are our superheroes.

After watching the recording, you could complete our lesson, What is an MPA? to continue the learning.

Stop the Plastic Tide

Join our Scotland Conservation Officer, Catherine Gemmell, on her beach clean to learn about marine litter, how she became an 'Ocean Optimist' and what we can all do to help save the sea no matter where we live. Best suited to ages 7-11.

Continue learning about the ocean pollution problem with our lesson, How clean are our seas?

Ocean Acidification

Tara and Natalie from Dynamic Earth talk about ocean acidification in this short video. They look at how climate change affects the creatures that live in our ocean and demonstrate ocean acidification with a simple experiment that can be done at home.

To learn more about this topic and some of the other threats the ocean is facing, complete our lesson, Climate, the sea and me in our Protect the Ocean series.