If you're looking for ocean-themed fun for the kids, then you're in the right place! Here you'll find games, activities and fun for all the family.

20 Best Beach Activities

Heading to the beach?

Make sure you download our brand new 20 Best Beach Activities poster, which includes a checklist of some of the weird and wonderful things you can do at the coast.

Create a mersapien in the sand, hunt for seashells and rockpool dwellers, or simply go wave jumping - make the most of our coastline with family and friends!

People on the beach in Penzance Dominik Pearce

Credit: Dominik Pearce

Make a shark

Learn about some of the characteristics that make sharks so cool, meet some species you can find in the UK and learn how to make your own shark from something we all have at home... a loo roll tube!

Some adult supervision required.

Climate change experiment

Join Francesca for these two quick and easy science experiments exploring one of the impacts of climate change: melting ice caps.

Get creative

Get creative and make your own marine animals:

Some adult supervision required.