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We supported environmental activist Laura Young's campaign against disposable vapes to highlight their impacts and drive action to limit pollution across the country.

Campaign update: 29th January 2024

Following Laura's tireless campaigning, which galvanised support across the UK, the UK Government has announced that disposable vapes will be banned across the UK!

This is great news for our blue spaces and marine life, which are at risk from pollutants, such as disposable vapes, that are littered in the environment and end up in our seas.

We are proud to have supported Laura's campaign to Ban Disposable Vapes and we will be ensuring that UK governments deliver on this.

In the meantime, we're celebrating this win for our ocean.

Your disposable vape sightings

Laura began her #BanDisposableVapes campaign after coming across countless disposable vapes on a walk in her local area.

Laura asked her community to share pictures of the vapes they came across on social media to highlight the extent of this new pollution problem. We supported Laura's call to action, with many of you taking part and sharing your sightings across social media, spotting disposable vapes on streets, beaches, in parks and even rivers.

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