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Our fish ratings

Each of the fish included on the MCS websites have been given a rating to enable you to quickly identify species that are considered to be the most sustainably produced, and those species which are not.

Green rated Fish, ‘Best Choice’, are rated 1 and 2, and red rated fish, ‘Fish to Avoid’, are Rated 5.

The rating system has been developed by the Marine Conservation Society as advice for choosing the most environmentally sustainable fish.

Rating 1 - Best Choice
Rating 1 (dark green) Indicates the most sustainably caught or farmed fish.

Rating 2 - Good Choice
Rating 2 (pale green) Indicates sustainably caught or responsibly farmed fish.

Rating 3 - OK
Indicates fish which are an OK choice, but require some improvements.

Rating 4 - Requires Improvement
Indicates fish which are some way from being sustainably caught or farmed and require significant improvements. We recommend that you seek alternatives where you can.

Rating 5 - Avoid
Indicates fish from the most unsustainable fisheries or farming systems. We recommend avoiding these fish (Or encourage businesses to establish a credible improvement project).

Rating Consultation

Following the release of the latest scientific advice, and as part of our routine Summer update, MCS is consulting on proposed seafood ratings for many different fisheries and aquaculture farming types.

This consultation is now closed

Actions you can take

  1. Download our guide showing how fish are caught
  2. Download our LATEST Wild Capture Ratings Methodology (June 2018 onwards)
  3. Download Aquaculture Ratings Methodology .pdf
  4. Download our guide showing how fish are farmed
  5. Download our Wild Capture Ratings Methodology (October 2017 to June 2018)
  6. Download Our Introduction to Seafood Ratings
  7. Download our previous Wild Capture Ratings Methodology (pre-Oct 2017)
  8. View the Good Fish Guide online

Did you know?…

Over the last century, we have lost around 90% of the biggest predatory oceanic fish, such as tuna, swordfish and sharks

1 billion people, largely in developing countries, rely on fish as their primary source of animal protein

A estimated £1.1 billion is spent on fish and chips every year in the UK

What's your impact on our seas?

You can play a key role in securing the future of our seas and marine wildlife by making more environmentally responsible choices when buying seafood.

Make the right choice and reduce your impact - every purchase matters!

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