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Share your story with MCS as we explore what our ocean really means to us.

In Summer 2018 a film crew set off on a mission to get to the very heart of what the sea means to people in the UK. What our interviews uncovered was a deep, complex and personally defining relationship, one that is not always pretty and sometimes has a darker side. Everyone we spoke to had something to share and the result is now a film. ‘Our Blue Heart’ tells the story of what we learned.

What does the ocean mean to you? We’d love it if you would share your stories. #ourblueheart

Joanna Livingstone
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Joanna’s story

A clinical psychologist and movement practitioner based in Glasgow, Joanna uses the sea in her work with clients and combines dance, martial arts and healing arts.

Leanne Melbourne
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Leanne’s story

With a PhD in the effects of climate change on seaweed, Leanne is a keen diver with a strong sensory connection to the ocean.

Andrew Haddow
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Andrew’s story

Andrew is a Church of Scotland Minister, who loves the sea’s ever-changing nature as well as its constancy.

Joel Bateman
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Joel’s story

As the Communications and Projects Officer for the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Joel’s family time by the sea and the island community are very important to him.

Elinor ellis
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Elinor’s story

A retired physiotherapist who lives in Nefyn, North Wales, Elinor has a proud family history of seafaring and feels deeply connected to her family’s past on the Llŷn Peninsula.

Rebecca Child
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Rebecca’s story

An artist and community arts worker based in Hastings, Rebecca views the sea as a place of healing and restoration where everyone is equal.

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Opening our minds to the ocean

MCS Engagement and Education manager, Sue Ranger, explains the origin of our mission to understand a variety of people’s perspective of our sea and how their stories have been shared.

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Did you know?…

Wales has a staggering 2,740 km of coastline

Scotland has 10% of Europe’s coastline

The ocean sustains livelihoods and provides food for millions of people

‘Our Blue Heart’ was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK Branch and the film was produced by Green.TV. Many thanks to their commitment, the team and to everyone who has participated and shared their story. We hope this is just the beginning.