Zoe Lyons is #BeachCleanReady are you?

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Today we're launching our #BeachCleanReady campaign – a tongue in cheek celebration of our British seaside – which we hope will encourage as many people as possible to get involved in this year's Great British Beach Clean.

What's the campaign about?

It's not about fitting into a bikini or slimming down for summer – we've got far more important things on our mind!

Our oceans are being choked by litter and we need to take urgent action to protect our marine wildlife and stop plastic pollution at source. Comedian Zoe Lyons will be leading the charge as thousands of people across the country head out to collect rubbish and record what they find.

Zoe explained a bit more about the campaign: “What does it mean to be beach clean ready? When it comes to the UK, it means being prepared for anything! Come rain, shine or gale force winds, we’ll be there with a litter picker in hand with a smile on our faces.

“The Great British Beach Clean is a fantastic way to dip a toe into the world of beach cleaning. Getting involved means you’ll be part of a global project which not only clears litter, but gathers important data which helps to clear the ocean from pollution.

"As the world starts to open up again, the Great British Beach Clean is a fantastic opportunity to get out and do something good for the environment.”

Getting involved means you’ll be part of a global project which not only clears litter, but gathers important data which helps to keep the ocean clear from pollution.”

Zoe Lyons, Comedian and Ocean Ambassador

With your support we can clean up our beautiful coast and gather vital data to help us campaign for change.

Join the Great British Beach Clean 2021

This year's Great British Beach Clean is taking place 17-26 September 2021.

Following a year of Covid restrictions, we know that we have a challenge on our hands – last year 30% of our beach cleans found PPE, and this year we expect to see more. The huge increase of single-use plastic, designed to keep us safe, has led to a flood of plastic pollution ending up in our rivers and seas.

That's why this year's beach cleans are more important than ever.

Every piece of rubbish collected means less waste ends up in the ocean. And if you record your litter items using our simple litter survey form you'll be contributing to an international science project to monitor and reduce marine pollution.

Taking part is easy – and it's fun. Our Great British Beach Clean is people power in action. By organising a clean, or signing up for an event near you, you really can make a difference.


litter items found per 100m of beach surveyed at last year's Great British Beach Clean



of beach cleans last year found face masks and PPE



drop in plastic bags found on UK beaches since 5p charge was introduced

Meet some of our Beach Clean Ready volunteers

Source to Sea Litter Quest

Even if you live inland, you can still help keep our seas clean. Most litter that ends up on our beaches or in the sea starts its journey in villages, towns and cities miles from the coast. Last year, 70% of litter picks taking place on streets and in parks found PPE litter, and 99% found drinks containers. Perhaps you've noticed a litter problem in a park or street near you? We need your help too!

Taking part this September is simple. All you need to do is download the survey form, grab some gloves and a litter picker (if you have one) and head outside.

Check out our Source to Sea page for more information.

Great British Beach Clean GBBC Sand Bay 2017 form Natasha Ewins

Credit: Natasha Ewins

How your data helps us clean up the ocean

Litter picking isn't just about keeping our beaches and streets looking good. Our coasts and seas are a haven for an incredible variety of wildlife which are put at risk by pollution. To keep our seas and the animals in them safe, we need your help.

All of the data you collect on the beach, on your street or in a local park helps us campaign for change, which means that you can help turn the tide on ocean pollution.

Thanks to survey data collected by people just like you we have already successfully helped bring in measures to cut ocean pollution. Our data helped bring in plastic bag charges, which saw a 50% cut in the number of bags found on our beaches.

The more people who take part in our surveys, the more data and influence we have.

Ashbrooke House School students during the Cool Seas Clean Up programme Alistair Naulls

Credit: Alisdair Naulls

Education resources

We have designed a wealth of education resources so schools can take part in the Great British Beach Clean.

Designed to be age appropriate, we have lesson plans and activities which help students understand the impact of litter on our environment first hand.

You can download sample lesson plans by clicking on the links below, or contact a member of our education team if you have any questions at all.

Primary School resources

Secondary School resources

Share your #BeachCleanReady photo!

Spread the word: If you're taking part let us know. Simply add a photo of you on the beach (you don't have to be cleaning - you can just be having fun) and share it on social media. Don't forget to use the #BeachCleanReady hashtag and tag us too.

Zoe Lyons GBBC 2021

Comedian and Ocean Ambassador Zoe Lyons

Credit: Marco Betti

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