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General Election 2024 conversation pack

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The next UK Government will be responsible for determining the future of our ocean. We’ve designed a General Election conversation pack to equip you with the knowledge to be an ocean advocate during the election season.

A healthy ocean is our strongest ally in combating the triple crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. It plays a crucial role in our health, the economy and food security, and of course supports diverse marine wildlife. That's why political leaders need to be ready to restore our seas: turn the tide on pollution, invest in the ocean and revive marine life.

Be part of the change by using the pack when speaking to political candidates over the coming weeks.

Highlight from the General Election conversation pack

If you're happy to share the responses from candidates, we would be glad to receive them – you can send them by email to [email protected]

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Restore our seas general election

Restore Our Seas General Election posters

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