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25 Nov 2021

Press Release: Great British Beach Clean results for the UK

Beach litter going down, but plastic still polluting UK shores

Wet wipe on Hayle Beach Cornwall Natasha Ewins

25 Nov 2021

Press Release: Great British Beach Clean results for Scotland

Beach litter dropping across the UK but wet wipes and plastic still polluting Scottish shores

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25 Nov 2021

Press Release: Great British Beach Clean results for Wales

Beach litter going down, but more cigarette stubs found on Welsh beaches than ever before

Fishing boat off Cornwall Sue Ranger

16 Nov 2021

Press release: a new tool to help businesses source sustainable seafood

The Marine Conservation Society has launched a free tool to help businesses source seafood sustainably.

Humpback Whale calf on its side Clinton Hastings

26 Oct 2021

Dawn chorus of whale song wakes Whitehall

On the morning of 26th October, with just a few days before COP26 begins in Glasgow, ocean charities the Marine Conservation Society and Whale and Dolphin Conservation are coming together to deliver a wake-up call from the ocean.


6 Oct 2021

Press Release: Good Fish Guide ratings update

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

21 Jun 2021

Unlikely offenders: the hidden plastics in everyday products

From wet wipes to cigarette filters and ‘paper’ cups, many of the products we use every day contain hidden plastics.

Clothes in a washing machine Werayuth Tes

18 Jun 2021

Our call to Stop Ocean Threads

Government to require microfibre filters in all washing machines, by law, by 2024, says charity.

Humpback Whale mother and calf in waters near Tonga Michael Smith ITWP

8 Jun 2021

Our parliamentary blue carbon champions

A cross-party group of parliamentarians are supporting the call for a four nation blue carbon strategy.

Fishing boats in Lyme Regis Michael Hutton

1 Jun 2021

Our redesigned Good Fish Guide makes choosing sustainable seafood simple

Beer bottle litter on Crantock beach Cornwall Natasha Ewins

1 Jun 2021

Public remains steadfast in their call for Deposit Return Schemes

The charity’s research finds that the English and Welsh public continue to support pollution-busting schemes.


4 May 2021

The ocean’s solution to the climate emergency

Read our report on the importance of UK seas in helping the UK to reach its goal of net zero by 2050, and 2045 for Scotland.

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

10 Feb 2021

Analysing high street retailers' wet wipe claims

High street retailers are falling short when it comes to testing, labelling and removing plastic from their own-brand wet wipes.

Sea Bass shoal Georgie Bull

7 Oct 2020

Good Fish Guide winter 2020 ratings update

Dolphin bycatch in the Bay of Biscay impacts seabass ratings in the Good Fish Guide

Cigarette butts on beach Larina Marina

1 Oct 2020

Call to ban single-use plastic cigarette filters

Environment and health organisations call on the Scottish Government to ban single-use plastic cigarette filters – no ifs, no butts!

Mediterranean gulls flying in the sky with a barrel jellyfish underwater Costa Brava Spain Damsea

5 Aug 2020

New quiz in time for jellyfish season

The Marine Conservation Society is calling on beachgoers to report jellyfish sightings.

Beach huts on Cromer Beach Randomir Rezny

18 Jun 2020

Public asked to #KeepItClean at the beach

Beaches, parks and public spaces are suffering a scourge of litter and single-use plastic

Chemical beakers in lab Hans Reniers

10 Feb 2020

Ban 'forever chemicals' PFAS

A steady stream of PFAS chemicals is causing irreversible damage to our ocean.

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