Why use less plastic?

We use single-use plastics for just about everything, from cleaning our teeth and showering, to buying and storing our food and other products. It is durable and lightweight, but it’s these properties that allow it to persist in the environment for hundreds to thousands of years.

The Plastic Challenge isn’t about living completely plastic-free - in this day and age that would be pretty near impossible. We hope Plastic Challengers will try to reduce their plastic footprint in all sorts of ways. Even small changes can make a huge difference.


Some of our Ocean Ambassadors are supporting the challenge – will you join them?


Simon Reeve

“Our planet is being poisoned by plastic. The vast amount in our oceans has become an environmental emergency as a direct result of our throwaway society. That’s why I’m supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. Don’t just get depressed about plastic - stop using it!”


Deborah Meaden

Entrepreneur and dragon on BBC2’s Dragons Den says: “I’m really concerned about the excessive packaging that you find in supermarkets and I’ll be going all out to face the Plastic Challenge head on. I know I won’t be able to eradicate all single-use plastic out of my life but I’ll be giving it a damn good try. I’d urge everyone to give it a go. We must act now.”


Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird

Marine Biologist, broadcaster and author says: “Like any diet, going ‘plastic free’, or even just ‘plastic less’, can be hard to stick to. But small and simple changes applied to everyday tasks and aspects of life, will have a massive difference! It is no secret that plastic is invading the very essence of nature, being found everywhere from the Antarctic ice to the deepest ocean trench. It’s got to stop because sooner, rather than later, it’s going to impact on our lives and the lives of our children. So make a small change, and fuel a BIG difference.”

Iolo Williams

Iolo Williams

Welsh nature observer and television presenter says “I’m going to take up the MCS Plastic Challenge simply because I want to try to help the environment. In our modern throwaway society, single use plastic is everywhere. Is it possible to go a whole month without using it? I’m determined to do just that so why not join me and play your part in helping the planet.”