Great British Beach Clean

Great British Beach Clean

Why you should get involved

The Great British Beach Clean is our annual event on the 3rd weekend of September. It's the biggest beach clean and survey in the UK and provides a valuable insight into the litter problems our seas and oceans are facing

We've been recording this information for over 25 years and lobbying governments to stop items getting there in the first place. With your help we've made great progress in helping to bring in a plastic bag charge, stopping microplastics in cosmetics being washed down the plug hole and getting the message out that wetwipes shouldn't be flushed or contain plastic.

With support from Waitrose and all of our fantastic volunteers, we are continuing to put pressure on Westminster and the devolved parliaments to make real changes. Whether you've been to a beach clean before, or if you want to start this year, simply sign up for the event/s you'd like to attend and look out for emails from the beach clean event organiser.

Almost 7,000 people took part in the Great British Beach Clean in September 2017 and we want to make 2018 even better. Together, we removed 255,209 pieces of litter from 339 beaches, and recorded every bit for this report. See the results!

To get involved this year find an event near you - events as a list or on a map

The Great British Beach Clean includes the Great Channel Islands Beach Clean and Great Northern Irish Beach Clean.