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Beneath the waves: Forever chemicals

Catch up with Ocean Ambassador Zoe Lyons as she talks to Dr Francesca Bevan about the invisible chemical disaster facing our ocean.

Forever chemicals are a persistent group of several thousand chemicals found in everyday products such as non-stick pans and waterproof mascara. They're entering our ocean every day and putting marine life at risk, with the full extent of the damage not yet known. We're calling for the UK Government to prioritise the protection of the environment from chemical pollution, including a ban of all 'forever chemicals' from all non-essential uses.

Francesca, our Policy and Advocacy (Chemicals) Manager is a qualified expert in chemicals, leading the campaign to call for change. Francesca talks to one of our valued Ocean Ambassadors, Zoe Lyons, about why these chemicals are so damaging to wildlife, where they're found and how you can help.

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About the hosts

Zoe is a well-known British comedian and a regular face on TV with her programme Lightning, as well as frequent appearances on Mock the Week, QI and Have I Got News For You. As a passionate scuba diver and advocate of cold water swimming, she believes in the power of the ocean to improve our mental health as well as our physical well-being.

Zoe Lyons Ocean Ambassador

Zoe Lyons, Ocean Ambassador

Credit: Steve Ullathorne

Francesca's background is as a chemist in academia, completing her PhD in greener methods of metal extraction before starting at the Marine Conservation Society in 2019. Her lifelong passion for the sea follows on from her dad and grandad's love for scuba diving when she was growing up. She's delighted to combine her two passions of chemistry and the sea through her current role of Chemical Pollution Specialist in the Clean Seas team.

Francesca Bevan

Dr Francesca Bevan, Policy and Advocacy (Chemicals) Manager

Credit: James Ginley