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Our life members are ocean guardians: like-minded people who share a passion for the oceans and life within it.

Become an ocean guardian

If, like us, you've watched with horror as the future of our ocean has become more and more uncertain, you'll know that urgent action is needed to safeguard our marine habitats and the beautiful species of wildlife they support.

We're facing an ocean emergency, but we know that our supporters can make a huge difference. Working together we're stronger.

Together with passionate ocean guardians like you, we'll create the sea change our ocean needs.

Octopus on seabed, Scotland - SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Credit: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Exclusive opportunities

We ask for a minimum donation of £1,000 to become an ocean guardian, and a Marine Conservation Society member for life.

When you join us as a life member you will receive:

  • Signed copy of Freeze Frame by ocean ambassador, Doug Allan
  • Our beautiful membership magazine, packed full of inspiring stories, fascinating facts and insights into our valuable work, delivered to your letter box, or inbox, three times a year
  • Invitations to exclusive VIP events including our unique ocean adventure trips

Call our membership team on 01989 566017 or email us at [email protected] to take your first step to becoming an ocean guardian.

Join for life. Protect forever.