Plastic Challenge 2022 - Bathroom Challenge

Going plastic-free can be overwhelming, but don't worry about being perfect. While we're working behind the scenes to push for single-use plastic bans and charges, we can all play our part and make a difference.

Make a list

We recommend getting started by recording single-use plastics that go in your bin and recycling box for a week. Keep a tally of different items such as packaging, toiletries, food wrappers and more. You might be surprised by how much single-use plastic you throw away.

At the end of the week, look through your list and consider how you can cut down on that waste in the future. Here are some plastic-free examples:

  • Buy fruit and vegetables loose, there are reusable produce bags available in most supermarkets.
  • Refill bottles or switch to bars. From shampoo to washing up liquid, there's lots of options out there.
  • Say goodbye to clingfilm. Store leftovers in reusable containers or food wraps.
  • Tackle bathroom plastic with these swap suggestions.

Going plastic-free on the go

It can be hard to avoid plastic when you're out and about (and in need of a quick snack!) - things like coffee cups, drinks bottles, sandwich wrappers and more, all often involve single-use plastic. Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a water bottle or reusable cup with you.
  • Store sandwiches in reusable containers or wraps.
  • Avoid single-use cutlery by bringing your own from home.
  • Keep a reusable bag with you for any shopping.

Join our community

Our plastic-free living tip swap page on Facebook is a great place to start conversations, share tips and speak with likeminded people.