Bathroom swaps

To help you ditch single-use plastic in the bathroom, we've put together a handy list of sustainable swaps. Remember, you don't need to bin everything you currently have - use it up first and replace plastic items with a sustainable alternative where possible.

Ella Daish, Campaigns Officer

Ella Daish, Campaigns Officer


Facewash > Soap bar

Moisturiser and cleanser > Soap bar alternative or refillable bottles

Disposable make-up wipes > Washable cloth wipes

Make-up remover > Coconut oil or refillable bottle

Cotton pads > Reusable cotton pads

Facemask in a sachet > Powder or liquid facemask in a glass jar

Make-up tools > Sustainably sourced bamboo and wooden handled make-up brushes

Sustainable bathroom face pads

Reusable cotton pads instead of single-use ones

Credit: EcoPanda

Dental care

Toothbrush > Sustainably sourced wooden or electric toothbrush

Toothpaste > Tooth tablets, powder, or natural alternative

Dental floss > Plastic-free dental floss

Mouthwash > Mouthwash tablets

Interdental sticks > Sustainably sourced bamboo interdental sticks

Electric toothbrush heads > Sustainably sourced bamboo or recyclable toothbrush heads

Bamboo toothbrush

Sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes are a great plastic-free alternative

Hair and nails

Shampoo and conditioner > Solid shampoo and conditioner bars or refillable bottles

Disposable razor > Safety razor, one with interchangeable heads or electric trimmer

Plastic hairbrush or comb > Sustainably sourced wooden hairbrush or comb

Plastic hair accessories > Cotton hair ties and metal or wooden grips

Nail brush > Sustainably sourced wooden or bamboo nail brush

Nail file > Metal or glass nail file

Sustainable bathroom

Swap a plastic brush for a sustainably sourced wooden one

Credit: Sandi Benedicta


Bodywash, lotion and moisturiser > Soap bar or refillable bottles

Deodorant > Solid deodorant, salt stick or natural alternative

Loofah > Natural loofah, face cloth

Soap bars

Ditch bodywash in plastic bottles for plastic-free soap bars

Other bits

Hand soap > Soap bar or refill bottle

Plastic-filled period care > Eco-friendly tampons and pads, or reusables alternatives like menstrual cups, cloth pads, and period pants.

Incontinence > Reusable incontinence pants or eco-friendly pads

Air freshener > Reed diffuser or candle

Candle and diffuser

Replace plastic air fresheners with candles/reed diffusers