Herring shoal International ELARTEVIVEENTI

Learn how ocean-friendly fishing helps protect our seas and wildlife, economies and livelihoods, and helps provide safe food as part of a healthy diet

Getting started

Be sure to read our getting started guide first. The guide tells you how our lessons have been designed to be used, and gives you a breakdown of the features included in each one.

1. What do we eat and where does it come from?

This lesson introduces the idea of sustainable food.

Take a look at where seafood comes from then analyse and present data on the most common types of seafood.

Shoal of Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea Guido Montaldo

Credit: Guido Montaldo via Shutterstock

2. Let's go fishing

In this games-led session, explore different fishing methods and management measures aimed at making seafood more sustainable.

Trawler Net on commercial fishing boat Anney Lier

Credit: Anney Lier via Shutterstock

3. Can you really farm fish?

This lesson, for older students, takes a look into fish farms and whether they can be a sustainable source of seafood, exploring fish life cycles, farm management and community viewpoints.

Fish farm from the air Pasta Design

Credit: Pasta Design via Shutterstock