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Explore why the ocean is so important, how humans benefit from and impact its resources, and how we can protect it in this series of lessons

Getting started

Be sure to read our getting started guide first. The guide tells you how our lessons have been designed to be used, and gives you a breakdown of the features included in each one.

1. Ocean overview

Our ocean is full of incredible marine life, but it also provides the oxygen we need to breathe, and helps us fight climate change by storing huge amounts of carbon.

This lesson provides an overview of some of the amazing and diverse animals and habitats in UK waters, looking at why a healthy ocean is important to all life on Earth.

Grey Seals in the surf Loch Eriboll Scotland Kirsty Andrews

Credit: Kirsty Andrews

2. How do we use the sea?

The ocean holds many useful resources for humans. Many industries use the ocean to harvest its resources: food, energy and oil. Other industries, like tourism, benefit from the beauty and space the ocean provides.

In this lesson, explore different marine industries, the benefits they provide and the potential threats to the ocean.

People on Widemouth Bay beach Cornwall Natasha Ewins

Credit: Natasha Ewins

3. Let's go fishing

Fishing is an important industry in the UK.

In this games-led session, explore different fishing methods and management measures aimed at making seafood more sustainable.

Fishing boat and nets Brighton Sussex Ian Stewart

Credit: Ian Stewart via Shutterstock

4. What is an MPA?

There are risks and threats to the environment from human activities that need to be managed carefully. With so much human activity at sea, it’s important we protect our ocean to ensure it has a healthy future.

Through a creative, group-based, activity learn about one way our ocean is safeguarded: Marine Protected Areas.

Shallow waters in summertime in the Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland Joost Van Uffelen

Credit: Joost Van Uffelen via Shutterstock

5. Climate, the sea and me

What is climate change, and how does it impact our ocean?

Ocean waves foam birdseye view Sergey Bogomyako

Credit: Sergey Bogomyako via Shutterstock

6. How can you protect the ocean?

Our actions affect the health of the ocean no matter where we live.

As individuals, schools and communities, we can all do our bit to help take care of our seas.

Get inspired to set up a school initiative to work towards completing our ocean manifesto.

Children litter picking during the Great British Beach Clean on Rottingdean Beach 2020 Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough