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Learn how ocean-friendly fishing helps protect our seas and wildlife, economies and livelihoods, and helps provide safe food as part of a healthy diet.

Getting started

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1. What is seafood?

Eating fish is an important part of many people’s diets, but some fish stocks are under enormous pressure.

In this lesson, learn about the characteristics of fish, what seafood is, explore the most commonly-eaten species here in the UK, and how more sustainable seafood choices help protect marine wildlife.

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Credit: Dr Tom Stamp, University of Plymouth

2. Let's go fishing

Overfishing is a significant and growing threat to marine biodiversity, and many fish stocks are in a state of serious decline.

Use this lesson to explore where seafood comes from and how it's caught, how fishing practices impact the marine environment, and how different methods can benefit our seas. Includes our interactive Let's go fishing game.

Trawler Net on commercial fishing boat Anney Lier

Credit: Anney Lier via Shutterstock