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In the UK, we import most of the seafood we eat and export most of what we catch. But if you stick with sustainable options, going local can be much better for the environment.

80% of the seafood we eat in the UK comes from what we call the big five: cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns. Most of this is imported, and that means it's contributing to global carbon emissions.

Our UK fishermen and fish farms catch and produce dozens of different species, from langoustines and mussels to hake and plaice. Many of these can be very sustainable options, and they're highly sought after – but not by us. We export about 70% of the seafood we catch to mainland Europe or further abroad.

It's important to note that 'local' does not automatically mean 'sustainable'. There are lots of things to improve about how fishing and aquaculture is managed and carried out in the UK. But there are some great options that we think people should consider, so that we can all support our sustainable, local fishers and fish farmers.

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