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A fresh approach to fisheries management could see the UK place itself as a world leader in securing a more resilient future for our seas and coastal communities.

As the Future Fisheries Alliance, we've been working alongside RSPB and WWF to call on UK administrations to strengthen their new joint policy to deliver nature and climate smart fishing, and set a pathway for ocean recovery.

The Future Fisheries Alliance are encouraged by the publication of the Joint Fisheries Statement (JFS) on 18th January 2022.

The JFS is a requirement of the Fisheries Act 2020 and aims to make sure that policies deliver a thriving, sustainable fishing industry and healthy marine environment.

UK seas are incredible, but they are in decline. In the wake of the recent IPCC report, and with evidence showing that we are failing on 11 out of 15 indicators for marine health, transformative and fast change is needed. The JFS lacks the necessary detail and ambition needed to chart a new course for our seas.

Today we’re publishing our joint response to the consultation.

Following review of consultation responses, and further scrutiny by the UK governments, the JFS will be signed off by all four fisheries administrations, with the final draft due to be published by November 2022.

If UK governments take our recommendations into account, we have the opportunity to rebuild our fisheries for good.

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What do we want UK governments to do?

  1. Timebound commitments to recover depleted stocks and deliver environmentally sustainable fisheries and effective ecosystem-based management.
  2. Urgent and effective action to tackle wildlife bycatch in UK waters.
  3. A firm commitment to the roll out of Remote Electronic Monitoring with cameras (REM).
  4. A timebound commitment from all administrations to set out a climate-smart fisheries strategy

Full details are available in our response:

Find out more about the Future Fisheries Alliance’s key asks for the JFS in our parliamentary briefing.