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Great ways to volunteer with the Marine Conservation Society

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It doesn't matter if you live near to the coast or in a landlocked city, there are lots of great ways to get involved with our work.

Volunteers at Great British Beach Clean on Rottingdean beach Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Take part in a beach clean

If you live near the coast or like to visit why not protect our stunning coastline by joining our Beachwatch programme. You can host your own beach clean or get involved with one near you. Everything we find during clean-ups gets surveyed and we then use this data to lobby Government to take action for the ocean.

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Become a Sea Champion

Become part of the Sea Champion community and get involved in everything from giving talks and running events, to undertaking marine wildlife surveys. We even provide training where you can learn new skills.

Take part in the Big Seaweed Search

Get involved and help monitor the impacts of climate change on our marine environment by identifying the seaweed habiting your coastline.

By taking part in the Big Seaweed Search, you'll be contributing to people-powered science and providing us with important data on some of the key seaweed species found on our coasts. This enables us to learn more about both seaweed and the impact of climate change on our ocean's health.

Take part in the Big Seaweed Search

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Live inland? There are plenty of ways you can volunteer with us and have an impact, even if you don’t live near the coast.

Do a Source To Sea Clean-up

The majority of pollution that ends up on our beaches comes from towns or cities miles from the coast. By doing your own clean-up at source, you can stop it entering the ocean!

As with beach cleans, everything collected from Source to Sea clean-ups is recorded, and this data helps us track ocean pollution back to source, and to campaign for change.

Get involved with our campaigns

Get stuck in with our campaigns by signing our petitions and joining in with our calls to action on government and industry. Raising our voices and taking action together is powerful and will lead to positive change for our seas

Explore our current campaigns and help us to fight for the future of our seas

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Help connect people with the ocean

Many are unaware about the issues facing the ocean. A fantastic way of raising awareness is by discussing the impacts with the people around you, like friends and colleagues.

Volunteer at beach clean in Cramond Scotland Lee Live

Credit: Lee Live

Volunteering is a great way to do something positive for the cause you care about as well as your mental health. Here are a few examples of how giving back, gives back to us:

  • It connects us with the causes we care about and creates a sense of belonging
  • It helps us make friends and connects us with people in our communities that are passionate about the same topics
  • We learn new skills and most importantly have fun!

And remember, however you volunteer, you’re making a difference

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