Luca Bonaccorsi, Director of Communications & Engagement

Luca Bonaccorsi

Director of Communications & Engagement

Journalist, campaigner, economist and environmentalist with over 20 years of international experience. Luca has investigated environmental crimes and disasters in various areas of the world such as Afghanistan, Laos, the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Mexico, South Africa, Lebanon and Italy. He has edited national publications, hosted radio and TV programs.

Luca has many years of experience in Advocacy, Campaigning, and Fundraising. He has successfully campaigned for renewable energy, workers’ rights, against the privatisation of water and the re-introduction of nuclear energy in Italy. In Brussels, during 2015 and 2016, he has led for BirdLife International (RSPB in the UK), the campaign in defence of the Nature Directives, producing the largest public consultation in the EU to date.

Luca now leads our communications, volunteer and stakeholder engagement strategies which champion the MCS brand to generate impact, through public support and engagement.

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