Marks and Spencer

MCS has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Marks & Spencer since the leading high street retailer launched the Forever Fish partnership on World Oceans Day 2011.

This three-year partnership aimed to protect our fish stocks and the marine environment for the future by raising over £1m per year for marine conservation and education projects. This funding was generated from the 5p charge made to customers for re-usable plastic bags in M&S food stores, a scheme which saw plastic bag usage drop by 80%. This funding from M&S helped MCS put in place a UK-wide network of over 500 champions for the sea to support our marine conservation initiatives at a local level.

During 2016 M&S altered the format of their community engagement and MCS joined the Spark Something Good initiative. This spread the engagement over the year with a new region of the UK being the focus per month, and M&S held week long activities within that month for the public to sign up to support. MCS participated by running local beach cleans. More recently, M&S continues to support MCS and its work through the Sparks card scheme. MCS is one of 10 charities that M&S customers can choose to support with a donation every time they shop using their Sparks card.

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society. The marine environment is vitally important to Marks and Spencer and our 21m customers. MCS™ inspiring work to protect our beaches, oceans and sea life will provide practical opportunities for our customers and employees to make a real difference right across the British Isles.”

Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business at M&S

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