Britain’s greenest energy company supply 100% green electricity and frack-free gas to thousands of homes and businesses across the country. It’s all part of their mission to create a greener Britain.

But being the greenest is not just about supplying green energy. They harness their customers’ energy bills to build a green Britain, doing some pretty amazing things:

So it’s not just energy with a green source, there’s a green outcome too – people are genuinely contributing to change in Britain and making a difference every time they pay their bill!

Ecotricity do more than any other supplier to tackle the causes of climate change and they regularly highlight the issue of plastic pollution – that’s why we’re partnered with them. And if you switch your electricity or gas supply to them they’ll donate to MCS - £40 for switching electricity, £20 for gas or £60 for both.

To be a part of the green revolution, simply visit

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