Seabob from CAYAGO

Building on a previously successful partnership with Princess, the renowned high performance water toy specialists CAYAGO AG have developed a new ‘Volcanic’ limited edition F5 S Seabob to raise funds for the MCS.

They used the imaginative artwork from Princess’s children’s book “˜Enid & Her Magic Yacht” to create a unique product that can be enjoyed by all the family, while further supporting the invaluable work conducted by MCS.

As a zero emissions device, Seabob was an obvious fit for this partnership. Desiree Schottker from Seabob, commented: “We can’t stress enough the importance of preserving marine environments, as it is both ours and Princess’ playground, and for every ‘Volcano’ edition sold, we will donate Euro 345.00 directly to the Marine Conservation Society to help further this cause.”
 The limited edition Seabob F5 S ‘Volcano’ is available through Princess distributors or via

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