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Premium digital out of home media owner Ocean Outdoor is turning the tide on single-use plastic by partnering with the Marine Conservation Society.

Ocean is an independent, British company operating large format out of home screens across the UK, including the Piccadilly Lights, Liverpool Media Wall and Birmingham Media Eyes. It has launched Ocean For Oceans as part of its pledge to eradicate the use of single-use plastic from its own business and supply chain.

As part of a multi-year collaboration, Ocean is giving the Marine Conservation Society access to its high profile portfolio of UK interactive digital advertising screens to support and amplify the charity’s campaigns.

A series of wider events with Ocean clients and partners will benefit MCS’s goals of clean seas, sustainable fisheries and ocean recovery and help their overall vision of Seas Full of Life.


At the end of January 2018 Ocean launched Ocean for Oceans as part of its pledge to eradicate the use of single-use plastic within its own business by the end of 2018, and to work with its clients and suppliers to eliminate all single-use plastics from its products and supply chain by the start of 2021.

Ocean is planning a series of key events across 2018 to support the movement to end the use of single-use plastic, promote responsible recycling and protect the seas.

Chief marketing officer Richard Malton said: “Ocean is committed to turning the tide on single-use plastic by eradicating it from our own business, and by working with all of our clients, partners and suppliers to do the same. Our new partnership with the Marine Conservation Society is integral to delivering on that promise and making such an important, transformational change.”

Sandy Luk, MCS chief executive, said: “Urgent action is needed right now to ##StopThePlasticTide that is entering our oceans, causing massive harm to marine life. Having the amazing visual and interactive media provided by Ocean Outdoor at our disposal, we’ll really be able to ramp up the level of awareness at key sites – this will help us get to consumers right where they’re spending their leisure time, which so often is when convenience plastics are offered with food, drinks containers and packaging.”

The partnership launches with a graphic DOOH campaign on behalf of the Marine Conservation Society which highlights the threat to marine life from plastic pollution in the world’s seas.

Other collaborations will address wider marine conservation problems including chemical pollution and overfishing on which the Marine Conservation Society actively campaigns.

The new Ocean website link is here: http://www.oceanoutdoor.com/oceanforoceans/our-story/

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