Tom "The Blowfish" Hird

Tom is a Marine Biologist, broadcaster, author and science communicator. A regular face on British Television for the past few years, Tom has appeared as “The Blowfish” on CBBC, ITV, BBC, CITV and Channel 4 as Sunday Brunch’s resident wildlife expert. Recently Tom has presented the BBC worldwide production Fishing Impossible, which now has series 2 and is shown across the globe. Between productions Tom has written a book called Blowfish’s Oceanopedia - 291 Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know About The Sea for Atlantic Books, which has been an Amazon Best Seller and is now being translated into different languages for a global audience. He also holds the dubious honour of being the first person ever to play live music to sharks in both the UK and Africa.

Tom is a keen scuba diver holding both a PADI Dive Master and BSAC Dive Leader qualification. Diving since the age of 13 years old, Tom is extremely passionate about the temperate seas around the UK, often saying they are better than any coral reef, if slightly chilly.

Tom’s aim is to encourage conservation throughout the population by shaking up the established way of doing things. As “The Blowfish – The World’s ONLY Heavy Metal Marine Biologist” and sporting Mohawk, chains, guitar and beard, Tom has wowed audiences of all ages around the country with his Science Communication shows.

“I’ve always loved the sea, and have been lucky enough to dedicate my life to protecting it. As things stand, we all now need to help the oceans and everyone has a role to play. We call this place Planet Earth, when really, it should be Planet Wet! The thing is, your average Joe Blogs in the street can struggle to engage with wildlife conservation - that’s where I come in! My background in marine biology allows me to take the heavy-going science and turn it into Heavy Metal Awesomeness! Getting everyday people so excited about conservation when they always thought it was for the scientists and eco-activists is what I live for. It is with enormous pride that I wear the Marine Conservation Society logo on my chest as an Ocean Ambassador. I know that, with the dedicated passionate people involved at MCS, the fight to save Planet Wet is one we are going to win”

Tom Hind

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