Simon Reeve

Simon is an adventurer and New York Times bestselling author and TV presenter who has travelled to more than 110 countries making multiple award-winning TV series for the BBC. They include Caribbean, Sacred Rivers, Indian Ocean, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Pilgrimage and Australia (Winner of the 2013 British Travel Press Award for Broadcast Travel Programme). He has received a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for “an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding” the prestigious Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society, and the Special Contribution Award at the Travel Media Awards.

After a decade spent making over 70 programmes, Simon has become a familiar face on TV and is well known for his extraordinary travels. Most of Simon’s documentaries combine travel with adventure and environmental, wildlife, and conservation issues, and have taken him across some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world – both land and ocean. Through his travels, his love of the sea is obvious, having dived with manta rays, seals and sharks as well as explored some of the world’s most beautiful underwater worlds.

In 2017, Simon agreed to become an ambassador for the MCS Plastic Challenge to help encourage more people to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. During his many travels, Simon has seen first-hand the effects of our obsession with plastic and its impact on the marine environment.

“Our planet is becoming poisoned by plastic. The vast amount in our oceans has become an environmental emergency as a direct result of our throwaway society. That’s why I’m supporting thousands of people living without single use plastic this June as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. Don’t just get depressed about plastic – stop using it!” Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve

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