Sharron Davies MBE

Sharron started her international swimming career at just eleven years of age. Winning medals at all levels including World, European, Commonwealth and Olympic, over a twenty year period competing in three Olympics in three different decades.

She was awarded an MBE in 1993 and an honorary doctorate from Exeter University. To date, Sharron has competed at, or worked on 11 Olympic Games and seen them transform into the huge commercial operation they are today. Sharron was part of the successful Bid Team and British Olympic Ambassador for London 2012 as well as being part of the host Broadcast Team. She has worked for the BBC poolside for the past 22 years, providing valuable insight into her sport of swimming, and has the accolade of being the first person to interview Michael Phelps when he became the world’s most decorated Olympian. Other TV highlights include presenting a series on parenting for C5, appearing in and presenting Superstars, The Big Breakfast for Channel 4, Being Amazon on ITV’s huge Saturday night show Gladiators before snapping her cruciate ligament, as well as Question time and many others.

Sharron says: “I was born beside the sea in Plymouth, my father was in the navy, from a long line of sea faring men, and every day as a kid we were either by the sea or in it! Water of course has played a huge part in my life and I have a special affinity with the creatures that swim in it. I’ve been lucky enough to have swum all over the world with many of them. It breaks my heart to see how we are abusing our seas and oceans. On a recent trip to Panama to record a TV show called The Island I was horrified at how much plastic and waste was on the beaches. For several weeks we lived amongst it and it was not a nice experience. I saw first hand some of the damage it was doing to wildlife. It’s all our responsibility to look after our planet, and not use the oceans of the world as our dumping ground. This is why I am passionate about the work the MCS do, and why I’m happy to be an ambassador.”

Sharron Davies

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